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Tyler Consolidated track teams add several new members to the mix

By Staff | Apr 2, 2014

Tyler Consolidated Lady Knight track team - 2014

Tyler Consolidated’s 2014 track teams have their work cut out for them this year, following up on the 2013 season when both the boys and girls team secured Regional team titles and sent a plethora of athletes to the state meet. This year’s Silver Knight thin clads will strive to meet the challenge.

Silver Knights

Seventeen athletes will take up the gauntlet for the Silver Knights boys in what can only be described as a rebuilding year.

“We have a young team,” said head coach Jill LeMasters. “Eight sophomores, six freshmen, one junior and three seniors. Yes, the team is young, but full of promise to improve throughout the season. The 2014 season will be a rebuilding year for us.”

The Knights lost a few important seniors to graduation from the team, including two-time state gold medalist, Hunter LeMasters and stand-out sprinter, Alex Doak, who brought home the gold in both the 100 and 200 meter at state last year.

Tyler Consolidated Silver Knight track team - 2014

Making the team this season are six freshmen: Tyler Anderson, Tyler Shepherd, Jarett LeMasters, Hunter Wells, Brandon Keys, and Zach Zills; eight sophomores: Julian Work, Scott Gorby, Daron Weekley, Andrew Kocher, Federico Perez, Josh Peck, Kyle Frum, and Jonas Bach; one junior: Daniel Fiest; and three seniors: Josh Ruble, Ryan Dalrymple, and Andrea Rizzo.

The two returning seniors return this year with vast experience to lead the Silver. “Josh is a three-time returning medal winner from the state meet last year,” the coach said. “He placed in the 4×100, pole vault and shuttle hurdles relays. He is also expected to return strong in all three events for us this year, as well as the 100 meter dash. He displays leadership and encouragement for all the underclassmen.”

“Ryan Dalrymple is an extremely hard worker with determindation to run our distance races. He sets high standards for himself, and this showed when he ran his best time in the mile, placing 11th at the state meet last year. He also excels while running the two mile, 800, and 4×800 relay.”

Also returning for the Knights will be sophomore Josh Peck who placed at state in the shuttle hurdle relay. Peck will undoubtedly take on the high hurdles this season as well as the shuttles with team members Kocher, Wells, and LeMasters.

“Josh helped us by placing at state in the shuttle hurdle relay at state last year. Team members that are expected to help Peck out and being considered for the 110, 300 hurdles, and shuttle hurdle relay are Andrew Kocher, Hunter Wells, and Jarett LeMasters.”

New comers impressing with their speed will be considered for the 100, 200, 4×100, and 4×200 will be Shepherd, Perez, Anderson, and Bach. The mix of these guys and Ruble will likely make up the relays for the team.

Weekley, Work, Frum, Gorby, and Fiest will compete with Dalrymple to compete in the 400, 800, 4×400, 4×800, mile, and two mile.

In the field events for Consolidated, points will be tallied from Ruble and LeMasters in the pole vault; Shepherd at the long jump; Frum and Anderson in the high jump; and Keys, Zills, and Rizzo in the shot and discus.

“A team of 17 isn’t as many as we would like, but the 17 that have come out have heart, drive, and potential for creating a strong competitive team to watch for the 2014 season,” the coach said.

Lady Knights

The Lady Knight track team at Tyler Consolidated will suit up 23 athletes to begin the season, with possible events for certain athletes still up in the air and being tested.

“We just need to get healthy and stay healthy,” said head coach of the Lady Knights, J.C. Kimble. “We have a few that are nursing injuries and sickness and we need them to get well, heal up and let’s get on with the season.”

The loss of speed and jumping ability with last year’s seniors will hurt the team at first, the coach said, “But I think once everybody finds their niche, we’ll be good. They’re working hard right now, we just need to mix things up now and then and put everybody in the best events for them individually, and still help the team.”

This year’s team will include five seniors: Carly Fletcher, Kelly Rice, Hillary Casteel, Caroline Bantug, and Megan Schlabowski; three juniors: Haley Stewart, Marisa Gogan, and Laura Jochum; eight sophomores: Amber Watson, Becky Bolin, Sydney Glover, Kara Dalrymple, Katelyn Gogan, Rae VanCamp, Hannah Casteel, Arel Fish; and seven freshmen: Tessa Boyd, Shayla Griffey, Macy Long, Devann McCoy, Ana Zills, Isis Moore, and Aleah Black.

Though events and specialties are not set in stone at this time, fans of the team can look for senior Caroline Bantug to return to the pole vault pit as she represented the team at state in that event last year. She will likely be joined in the pit by sophomore Hannah Casteel and freshmen Macy Long.

Also on the plus side for the Silver Ladies is the fact their distance athletes return strong and ready to take on the competition before them. Sophomore Amber Watson placed 11th overall last year at the state meet as a freshman returns to the 1,600 and 3,200 this season along with seasoned veteran, and senior, Kelly Rice. The two will mentor younger members of the team wanting to step in and continue carrying the distance torch for the Knights. Possibilities for this event are Black, Bolin, and Gogan.

When it comes to carrying on the tradition of fine hurdling, Lady Knights expected to participate are both Hillary and Hannah Casteel, Fish, Gogan, Moore, and possibly Long, McCoy, and Glover.

Sprinters on the team running the 100 and 200 will be Hillary Casteel, Fish, and Griffey. The 400 specialists will likely be Long, McCoy, and Gogan with the nod for the 800 going to Fletcher, Bolin, Black, and Rice.

Relays will be manned by a mix of athletes for the first few meets until the right combination gives the coach the numbers he is looking for.

In the field events, McCoy will return to the high jump, joined by at least Griffey and possibly one or two others; the long will see Fish, one or both of the Casteels and Moore in action.

The shot put and discus athletes will be Zills, Boyd, Stewart, Dalrymple, Taylor, and Jochum.

“We’ve got our work cut out for us, that’s a fact,” coach Kimble said. “But like I said before, the girls are working hard and were fine tuning our plans. As long as we can stay healthy. there is no reason why we can’t perform as well or better than we did last year.”

The Lady Knights have already competed twice this season and will continue their season this week with the Tyler Consolidated Invitational on Friday at 4:30 p.m.

The Tyler Consolidated track teams participated in a tri-meet at Ritchie County on March 25 and at the Williamstown Jobes Invitational on March 29. Knight results only, follow:

Both teams got the 2014 season off to a fine start with overall wins at Ritchie County on March 25. The girls team took the win over Ritchie and St. Marys with 57 points. The boys also took the win over the same two teams with an overall score of 97 points.

Girls 100 meter dash: 1) Hillary Casteel, 13.99; 2) Ariel Fish, 14.45; 5) Shayla Griffey, 15.74

Girls 200 meter dash: 1) Casteeel, 29.36; 2) Fish, 30.20; 5) Macy Long, 31.01

Girls 400 meter dash: 2) Long, 1:13.30; 3) Devann McCoy, 1:14.18; 4) Marisa Gogan,1:14.74

Girls 800 meter run: 2) Carly Fletcher, 2:52.78; 4) Aleah Black, 2:57.92; 6) Kelly Rice, 3:19.44; 8) Becky Bolin, 3:29.83

Girls 1600 meter run: 2) Amber Watson, 6:30.58

Girls 3200 meter run: 1) Kelly Rice, 15.29

Girls 100 meter hurdles: 3) Hannah Casteel, 20.20

Girls 300 meter hurdles: 3) Long 1.00.49; 4) Gogan, 1:00.82

Girls 4×100: 1) Tyler, 56.23 (Long, Hillary Casteel, Katelyn Gogan, Isis Moore)

Girls 4×200 relay: 1) Tyler, 2:05.63 (McCoy, Moore, Hannah Casteel, Katelyn Gogan)

Girls 4×400 relay: 3) Tyler, 5:35.85 (Watson, Fletcher, Bolin, Black)

Girls 4×800 relay: 2) Tyler, 12:-3.76 (Watson, Fletcher, Black, Marisa Gogan)

Girls shuttle hurdles: 3) Tyler, 1:21.64 (Hannah Casteel, Katelyn Gogan, Moore, Fish)

Girls High jump: 5) Shayla Griffey, 4-08; 6) Devann McCoy, 4-06

Girls Pole Vault: 2) Hannah Casteel, 7-00

Girls long jump: 1) Fish, 15-05.75; 2) Hillary Casteel, 15-05.50; 3) Isis Moore, 14-07.25

Girls shot put: 4) Anna Zills, 29-05; 5) Kara Dalrymple, 28-07; 7) Tessa Boyd, 23-03; 12) Haley Stewart, 18-03.50

Girls discus throw: 2) Laura Taylor, 88-11.50; 3) Laura Jochum, 83-05.50; 5) Boyd, 71-03; 7) Dalrymple, 64-01; 8) Zills, 55-11; 10) Stewart, 54-11.50

Tyler Boys results:

100 meter dash: 3) Josh Ruble, 12.51; 4) Tyler Anderson, 12.74; 6) Trent Shepherd, 12.78

200 meter dash: 4) Anderson, 25.58; 5) Shepherd, 25.61; 9) Kyle Frum, 27.46

800 meter dash: 5) Julian Work, 2:27.97; 7) Ryan Dalrymple, 2:32.70; 11) Scott Gorby, 2:51.25

1600 meter run: 5) Daron Weekley ,5:35.30; 7) Daniel Fiest, 7:07.89

3200 meter run: 4) Dalrymple, 12:02.95

110 meter hurdles: 2) Andrew Kocher, 18.84; Jarrett LeMasters, 22.06

300 meter hurdles: 5) Hunter Wells, 52.06; 6) LeMasters, 57.15

4×100 relay: 2) Tyler, 48.78 (Ruble, Shepherd, Federico Perez, Anderson)

4×200 relay: 1) Tyler 1:46.67 (Kocher, Frum, Wells, Perez)

4×400 relay: 4) Tyler A, 4:27.16 (Weekley, Perez, Frum, Work); Tyler B, 4:57.36 (Kocher, Gorby, Fiest, Andrea Rizzo)

4×800 relay: 3) Tyler, 10:40.70 (Work, Gorby, Fiest, Weekley)

Shuttle hurdles: 3) Tyler, 1:10.99 (Josh Peck, Ruble, LeMasters, Wells)

Pole Vault: 2) LeMasters, 9-00; 3) Ruble, 8-00

Long Jump: 4) Shepherd, 17-11.50

Shot put: 5) Brandon Keys, 31-11.50; 6) Rizzo, 23-00

discus throw: 5) Keys, 82-04.50; 6) Rizzo, 52-03