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Knights host ‘Stormin’ the Castle’ meet

By Staff | Sep 11, 2013

Amanda Reynolds

The High School and Middle School cross country teams at Tyler Consolidated and Paden City each saw action twice last week with each meet challenging the athletes in different ways on the courses. Local teams and athletes performed very well, some turning in their best personal times thus far this season.

The annual Chick-Fil-A Invitational Cross Country meet was held at Mineral Wells on Sept. 7 with several high school and middle school teams competing in two divisions per class AAA and A/AA, along with Tyler Consolidated and Paden City.

Williamstown High School placed first overall in the class A/AA girls division of the race with 100 overall points. Ravenswood placed second with 109 points, followed by Doddridge, 147; Oak Glen, 151; Scott, 159; Licking Valley, 166; Grafton, 177; North Marion, 216; Ritchie County, 223; Tyler Consolidated, 231; East Fairmont, 248; Pikeview, 262; St. Marys, 308; Keyser, 349; Magnolia, 351; Paden City, 447; and Weir, 453.

Alicia Parsons of Grafton High School placed first in this division at the meet with a time of 19:49.5.

The Tyler Consolidated Lady Knights finished fine at 10th place overall as team. Placing 14th overall of the 168 participants in the girls’ race, sophomore Amber Watson led the Ladies in Silver and Black, finishing first for the team in 22:23. Junior Marisa Gogan placed 41st overall and second for the Knights in 23:47. Also completing the course for the Lady Knights were McKenzie Brandfield, 62nd, in 24:43; Aleah Black, 70th in 24:59; Kelly Rice, 86th in 25:57; Hannah Phillips, 143rd in 30:04; and Laura Jochum finished 145th in 30:22.

Cade Crislip

The Lady Wildcats of Paden City High School placed 17th overall of the 18 complete teams participating.

Junior Kayla Hizer placed first among the Paden City ladies at the competition, finishing 37th overall in 23:45. Mallory Estel came in 99th with a time of 26:59; Shelby Gatain finished 152nd in 31:35; Audra McFadden, 153rd, 31:37; Chelsea Dennis, 161st, 34:08; Morgan Goddard, 165th in 35:20; and Miranda Reynolds finished the race in 42:40 in 167th place.

Twenty six complete class A/AA boys teams competed at the meet with the Paden City High School team placing 25th overall.

Fairmont Senior High’s team placed first overall in the team competition with 99 points. Williamstown High School took second with 148 points, followed by Ritchie County, 149; Keyser, 192; Webster, 237; Granville Christian Academy, 275; Oak Glen, 287; Buffalo, 289; Sherman, 299; Belpre, 313; West Side, 318; Wirt County, 363; St. Marys, 364; Grafton, 375; Ravenswood, 383; Herbert Hoover, 383; Roane County, 390; Licking Valley, 393; Wheeling Central, 396; Cameron, 411; Doddridge, 423; East Fairmont, 495; Wyoming East, 550; Paden City, 555; and Weir, 667.

The first place finisher overall at the meet was Ritchie County’s Jonny Hogue who ran the 5K in 16:23.9.

Freshman Jacob Pierce paced the Wildcat team with a time of 20:32, finishing in 98th place overall among the 199 participating athletes. Freshman Cade Crislip finished in 21:16 to place 122nd, followed by Dean Frye in 136th place in 21:43; Travis Leonard, 142nd in 21:54; Tyler Kiger in 156th place in 22:29; and Aaron Heasley in 24:53 for a 179th place finish.

With only four team members, the Silver Knight boys cross country team did not qualify for team points, but earned individual recognition. Senior Dylan Reynolds placed 12 overall at the meet, turning in a time of 18:32. Fellow senior, Ryan Dalrymple placed 44th overall in 19:07; Daron Weekley placed 125th in 21:18 and Kamryn Milhoan finished 185th in 25:55.

Twenty five middle school teams competed in the girls division at the 3K Chick-fil-A Invitational with the Tyler Consolidated ladies placing 11th.

Of the 198 athletes participating, 8th grader Jahnvi Duncan finished in first place for the Silver Knights in 11:19 in 11th place overall. Amanda Reynolds was the next finisher for the Silver and Black in 18th place overall in 11:28. Katie Pratt placed 54th in 12:33, followed by: Hannah Jackson, 115th, 13:49; Kassidy Starkey, 140th, 14:22; Demery Nelson, 147th, in 14:50; and Megan Sole, in 158th place in 15:11.

Though they did not have a complete team, three athletes competed individually for Paden City Jr. High. Seventh grader, Arissa Kline placed 136th overall at the meet in a time of 14:19; Hannah Loy placed 164thth in 15:27; and Paige Leonard finished in 168th position in 15:37.

In the middle school boys division, 28 complete teams competed with Tyler Consolidated Middle School’s team placing 17th overall as a team.

Eighth grader Luke Daugherty finished first for the Knights and 62nd overall of the 202 competitors at the meet with a time of 11:27. Eli Henthorn finished 84th overall in 11:45, followed by team mates: Levi Pratt, 124th in 12:30; Creed Ammons, 132nd in 12:35; Destry Nelson, 144th in 12:53; P.J. Wright in 145th in 12:54; and Chris Chambers placed 181st overall in 14:20.

Paden City Jr. High had two team members participate, led by seventh grader Nathan Barker, finishing first in 13:26 and Marcus Allen, who finished 180th in 14:16.

* * * * *

On Sept. 3, Tyler Consolidated hosted their own cross country meet, dubbed “Stormin’ the Castle” complete with hills, trails, paved areas, woods and water hazards. Though it is still considered a “new” course, this meet is quickly becoming both a fan and athlete favorite due to the terrain and the challenge it offers to both novice and experienced runners.

“We had some excellent performances for our meet, keeping a lot of our awards here in Tyler County,” said Tyler Consolidated head Cross Country coach, Luke Reynolds. “Most notably was the middle school and high school girls teams both placing second, and our middle school boys team placing third. Over the last several years, we’ve been trying to build our program into a competitive one, and we are definitely starting to see some results. This, also, was evident on Saturday at the Chick-fil-A Invitational where we were beating teams that weren’t even on our radar as close as a year ago.”

Six complete high school girls competed at the meet with the Doddridge County team placing first overall with 42 points. The home team, the Lady Silver Knights, placed second overall with 66 points, followed by: Ritchie County, 68 points; Linsly, 74 points; Magnolia, 108; and Paden City High School with 147 points.

Liberty High School sophomore, Hannah Ramirez, took first place at the meet, turning in a time of 26:29.89.

Amber Watson finished first for the Knights and second overall in 26:30.57. Bradfield placed second for the Silver and 11th overall in 28:41.56; Chambers finished 19th overall in 29:47.28; Gogan placed 20th in 29:51.42; Black placed 24th in 30:55.73; Rice, 26th, in 31:57.13; Phillips, 44th, 40:23.26; Jochum, 45th, in 40:23.48; Damara Winfrey, 50th in 42:47.79; Stephanie Wright, 51st, in 43:17.82; and Allison Keller, finishing 53rd with a time of 44:04.56.

For the Lady Wildcats of Paden City, Kayla Hizer placed first for the team and 15th overall with a time of 29:14.38; Estel placed 29th in 32:51.78; Gatian, 40th in 37:47.26; Dennis, 46th in 41:42.31; Reynolds, 48th in 41:57.39; and Goddard, 52nd, in 43:38.52.

In the High School boys division, the Ritchie County team placed first overall with 35 total team points. Cameron High School finished second with 77 points; Doddridge scored 81; Liberty, 83; Linsly, 90; and Paden City with 116 points.

Ritchie County’s Hogue placed first overall at the meet in 19:35.39.

Without a complete team, Tyler Consolidated did not earn team points in the boys’ division but did have two athletes competing and one earning top ten honors. Senior Ryan Dalrymple placed ninth overall with a time of 22:27.14; and Milhoan finished in 28:38.74 in 35th position.

“These kids are working very hard and have committed to making sure they don’t let their team down,”coach Reynolds said. “When they are held accountable by their own team, it gives them that extra bit of incentive to give all they have whether practicing or racing. All the kids we have are making progress and I expect to see better results as the season develops.”

Paden City had five athletes competing: Pierce placed first for the Wildcats, finishing in 15th position in 24:05.29; Frye finished 21st in 25:00.25; Leonard, 27th in 25:55.08; Kiger, 30th in 26:48.90; and Heasley, 46th in 34:19.12.

In the middle school Stormin’ the Castle competition, six teams competed in the girls’ division, with the Doddridge County team placing first overall with 33 points. Tyler Consolidated’s team placed second overall with 64 points; Ritchie County scored 74; Sherrard, 101; Cameron, 105; and Moundsville, 133.

Desirae Schoonover of Doddridge County took first place overall in 14:22.40 while Amanda Reynolds placed first for the Silver and Black finishing in 14:27.72. Jahnvi Duncan came in a close third in 14:49.99 followed by Jackson in ninth in 16:04.23; Nelson, 26th in 17:51.92; Pratt, 31st in 18:13.41; Starkey, 47th in 20:17.68; Sole, 58th in 21:11.52; Miranda Weekley, 63rd in 22:25.44; Summer Miller, 66th in 23:46.61; Alli Miller, 74th in 26:15.75; and Kiera Winfrey, 78th in 35:38.31.

Hannah Loy finished first for Paden City and 41st overall in 19:47.31; and Leonard finished 65th in 23:45.81.

In the boys middle school division, the Ritchie County team placed first overall with 27 points. Ravenswood placed second with 41 points, Tyler Consolidated took third place with 76 points; Doddridge County was next with 112 points followed by Moundsville, 143; Cameron, 160; and Sherrard, 167 points.

Luke Daugherty finished first for the Silver Knights and sixth overall at the competition with a time of 13:28.99. Henthorn placed seventh overall in 13:29.77; Josh Frum, 18th in 15:13.49; Pratt, 20th, in 15:24.87; Ammons, 25th in 15:40.77; Wright, 30th, 16:18.47; Nelson, 31st in 16:18.75; Chris Chambers, 48th in 18:14.79; and Colton Mead finishing 53rd overall in 18:59.

Two Paden City Jr. High athletes participated at the meet with Marcus Allen finishing 38th overall in 17:05.74; and Nathan Barker completing the course in 42nd position with a time of 17:22.99.

“I would like to thank all of the parents, athletes and volunteers, including the Tyler County Emergency Management Search and Rescue Team, who helped get the course ready and managed the race,”Reynolds said. “Without these people, with the difficulty of our course and the terrain we run on, this race wouldn’t happen. We had only one injury out of the 247 runners, so that is a testament to all the preparation that goes into our trails.”

The cross country teams compete on Saturday at 9 a.m. in the Magnolia Mudhole Invitational meet.