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80-plus runners/walkers compete for top spots

By Staff | Jun 5, 2013

Amanda Dawson

Bright morning sunshine and humid temperatures brought sweat and smiles to over 80 runners and walkers in the third annual Paden City Foundation 5K Run/Walk on June 1. The starter’s pistol cracked shortly after 9 a.m. and the participants traversed the 3.1 mile course through some of the city’s streets and the city park with hopes of garnering top awards and Ohio River Racing Series points.

Crossing the finish line at Centennial Park first was Nathan Harshberger of New Martinsville with a time of 18:10.73. The first female finisher was Amanda Dawson, Sistersville, with a time of 25:19.60. The first walker to complete the course was Paden City’s Alex Thoburn (33:28.68) and Linda Eagle from Sistersville was the top female walker (40:07.59).

Prizes were given to the top three finishers in each of the men’s and women’s run and walk. Overall male finishers following Harshberger were: Jacob Pancake, 19:32.45, and Matt Quinet in 19:45.17; placing second and third in the female division were: Kelly Rice in 28:33.79 and Marisa Gogan, 29:03.02; second and third place finishers in the men’s walk were Ernest Doll of Pennsboro in 36:49.81 and Paul Thomas of Sistersville in 41:25.17; in the ladies division, it was Sistersville’s Linda Eagle placing first in 40:07.59, followed by Crystal Shockley in 40:51.94; and Courtney Hohman in 41:19.48.

In addition to overall awards, age group winners were awarded medals (top three in each age group). The top overall finishers were also awarded series points that, when combined with points awarded at the Jim Quinet Memorial 5K in July, will determine Series Champions.

Volunteers who helped with the race were also recognized for their efforts.

Nathan Harshberger

Race organizer, Rodney McWilliams commented, “This race would not go very smoothly if not for the volunteers. A couple of phone calls and a small army appears to provide everything the runners and walkers need for the race. They secured every intersection along the course and in the city park to ensure the safety of the participants and control vehicle traffic.”

“CSX also provided a train “slow-down” since the course crosses their tracks at the city park entrance. That is a huge help, and St. Paul’s United Methodist manned the water stop this year.”

Two special volunteer awards were given. The Gary and Ruby McWilliams Awards for volunteerism were awarded to Jim and Bernidene Culp and to Debbie Williamson for extraordinary efforts in bringing about the success of the race for the past three years.

Sponsors for the race were: WesBanco (Paden City), Healthy Alliance (Columbus, Ohio), RCS Printing (New Martinsville), RAM Financial Services, Litman Enterprises, TME-Lights Your Way, and Quinet’s Court Restaurant.

“These sponsors are great and help us meet our expenses,” McWilliams added. “I also want to thank CSX for their cooperation, the City of Paden City, John Hopkins for photography, the Paden City Police Department, and the Wetzel County Ambulance Service for providing escort and medical assistance. Our special thanks also goes to the local newspapers for their wonderful coverage of this event.”

The third annual Paden City Foundation 5K run/walk gets underway early on June 1

Proceeds from the race benefit the Paden City Foundation and its projects: The Paden City Museum and the Cornerstone. For information on the Foundation 5K Race or any of the Foundation’s projects, write to P.O. Box 233, Paden City, WV 26159 or contact McWilliams at 304-482-9684, or Tammi Bowers (Treasurer) at 304-337-2205.

Race results


Overall male: Nathan Harshberger of New Martinsville who finished the course in 18:10.73. The first female finisher was 17 year old Amanda Dawson of Sistersville with a time of 25:19.60.

Overall male: Nathan Harshberger, 18:10.73; Jacob Pancake, 19:32.45 and Matt Quinet in 19:45.17.

Overall female: Amanda Dawson, 25:19.60; Kelly Rice in 28:33.79 and Marisa Gogan, 29:03.02.

The following runners placed first through third in their age groups at the race in the male division:

0-9: Jesse Griffith, 41:38.74; Brandon Hizer, 42:17.17.

10-19: Oscar Celedon, 22:53.89; Holden Meene, 23:59.91; and Nathan Arnold, 25:39.71.

20-29: Ben Blackstone, 19:56.43; Logan Eckels, 20:24.11; and Nathan Dawson, 21:27.05.

30-39: T.J. Myers, 22:20.96; Dave Schupbach, 22:44.28; and Eric McKeever, 25:57.29.

40-49: David Benson, 21:31.08; Mike Herrick, 22:09.99; and Tim Parsons, 38:11.89.

50-59: Tim Greenier, 26:23.50; Joe Griffith, 46:22.21

60-69: Sam Hamilton, 34:35.94

The following runners placed first through third in their age groups at the race in the female division:

10-19: Kayla Hizer, 29:16.50; 2) Mallory Estal, 30:45.95; Joanna Graham, 32:08.86.

20-29: Kimberly Kimble, 31:53.50; Kandi Loy-Kay, 33:12.84; and Jamie McMullen, 34.38.68

30-39: Mandy Myers, 30:48.64; Valerie Slider, 33:12.35; and Melissa Hurst, 35:44.52.

40-49: Debra Price, 33:02.77; Tammy Rine, 36:48.60; Elizabeth Melott, 42:14.50.

50-59: Pam Miller, 34:07.20; Vicki Cain, 51:23.41.


Overall male: Alex Toburn, 33:28.68; Ernest Doll, 36:49.81; Paul Thomas,41:25.17.

Overall female: Linda Eagle, 40:07.59, Crystal Shockley, 40:51.94, Courtney Hohman, 41:19.48.

The following walkers placed first through third in their age groups in the female division:

10-19: Kaylee Reed, 56:49.36.

20-29: Rebecca Patterson, 49:29.42; Lisa Zeppuhar, 50:00.28.

30-39: Tomala Knisely, 54:39.77; Sarah Reed, 56:41.19.

40-49: Anita Estal, 44:02.05; Kim Hizer, 45:43.50; and Amy Frazier, 45:44.33.

50-59: Theresa Davies, 42:13.89; Betty Hartline, 51:30.24; Melinda Graham, 51:30.78.

60 69: Janet Weber, 44:27.75.

The following walkers placed first through third in their age groups in the male division:

30-39: Tim Pugh, 54:19.94.

40-49: Rick Pancake, 45:11.32.

50-59: Gregory Morris, 42:14.97; Paul Burke, 45:13.10; Scott Mapes, 45:16.09.

70-99: Jim Amos, 43:20.17; Larry Walker, 50:11.69; Leroy Leach, 50:12.03