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Cross country teams finish last events of ‘11 season

By Staff | Oct 19, 2011

Another busy week has passed with the Tyler Consolidated Cross Country Middle School harriers finishing off their season and the High School prepping for their final contests of their season.

On Oct. 11, the middle school teams made the trip to Doddridge County for the third time this year. Over 600 athletes were present for this middle school invitational. The teams were split into varsity and JV squads.

Two hundred and one varsity runners ran in the girls race with the Silver Knights team finishing 11th out of 29 teams. The top five finishers for Tyler Consolidated were very closely packed. Amanda Reynolds was the first Lady Knight in 59th position with a time of 16:12; Amber Watson (62/16:19), Alexis Chambers (70/16:29), McKenzie Bradfield (72/16:31) and Belle Camerlin (84/16:48) rounded out the placing team scores followed by Juliana Miller (175/19:13) and Becky Bolin (194/21:54).

The boys started out next in a field of 185, and scored in the team competition, 23rd out of 27. Evan Shreve placed first for the Silver Knights and in 93rd position overall in15:21. He was followed closely by Adam Cooper (103/15:32), Creed Eller (143/16:53), Josh Frum (145/17:03), Eli Henthorn (150/17:19), Aaron Warner (151/17:22), and Kamron Milhoan (168/19:07).

The next race was a combined boys/girls junior varsity competition. In the JV girls race, there was a total of 148 runners and the Lady Knight team scored ninth of 13 teams. Kaylee Hulin (19/17:31) was the first Silver Knight girl to finish with Megan Sole (41/18:24) not far off her pace. The next group finished close together led by Mira Eller (101/21:17), followed by Cosette Bantug (108/21:48), Joralda Rice (118/22:34), Vanessa Templeton (119/22:42), and Kellsi Anderson (130/24:14). When the athletes’ times were divided, a total of 150 boys ran in the JV race. First to finish for Tyler Consolidated was Zach Judge (69/18:01), then Justin Brinkmeier (80/18:55), and P.J. Wright (86/19:22).

The high school team competed on Oct. 13, at Ritchie County, in the LKC Championships.

Sixty six girls were present at the rain soaked, lightning delayed event as the Knights finished 8th of eight teams participating. Marisa Gogan (35/25:19), was the first Lady Knight runner to complete the course with Kelly Rice (40/26:24), not far behind. Lauren Seckman (57/32:08), was the next Silver Knight finisher followed by Rei Yasunaga (59/34:00), and Stephanie Wright (62/36:29).

Sixty eight high school boys finished in the soggy course. Placing first team All LKC by finishing in the top 12 was Dylan Reynolds in sixth place with a time of 18:38. He was followed by Ryan Dalrymple (38/21:37), and Sean Camerlin (57/23:54).

On Saturday, both teams made their way to Cameron to participate in the Wild and Wet Invitational. In another cool blustery morning,175 middle school girls ran the course as the Knights came in sixth of 12 teams. Amanda Reynolds (15/15:06), was the first Tyler finisher, followed by Amber Watson (29/15:50), Alexis Chambers (32/16:03), Belle Camerlin (50/16:59), and Kaylee Hulin (56/17:10). Next in for the Consolidated team were Becky Bolin (68/17:25), Juliana Miller (74/17:35), and Megan Sole(89/18:00). Finishing up the girls were Vanessa Templeton (164/22:44), Kellsi Anderson (166/23:04), Mira Eller (167/23:27), and Cosette Bantug (169/23:42).

The junior high boys started next in a field of 150 competitors, as the team finished 10 of 10. Adam Cooper (50/15:52) was the first Knight to cross the finish, followed by Creed Eller (72/16:44), Josh Frum(74/16:46), Eli Henthorn (86/17:22), and Aaron Warner (90/17:42). Zach Judge (98/18:04) was the next Silver and Black runner to complete the race with Kamron Milhoan (105/18:22), Justin Brinkmeier (114/18:55), and P.J. Wright (121/19:48) close on his heels.

Ninety nine high school girls showed for the next race of the day, with Marisa Gogan (39/28:21) crossing the line to lead the Silver Knights in. Lauren Seckman (80/35:25), was next, followed by Rei Yasunaga (95/39:36), and Stephanie Wright (96/39:56).

Ryan Dalrymple( 47/24:17) led out the Tyler Consolidated High School boys, amongst 105 competitors. Following closely to Ryan was Sean Camerlin (64/25:19), and Devon Thompson (91/29:33), finished out the competition.

As the middle school is now finished with their season, the teams are looking forward to cheering the high school on, as they compete at Magnolia on Thursday, in their Regional event. Those finishing in the top ten individually or top three as a team will lengthen their season to compete at the State Meet on Oct. 29.