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Rival game ends in 0-0 tie

By Staff | Aug 31, 2011

Of the three games played last week, the Silver Knight boys varsity soccer team of Tyler Consolidated did not get a win . . . nor did they get a loss. The team played three games with three different teams in a weeks time, tying each one by different scores, 1-1, 0-0 and 3-3. To fans, ending a varsity sport in a tie is like, well, as the old saying goes, “kissing your sister”.

“In the nine years of this soccer program we’ve had about 15 total ties in that time,” said head soccer coach, Scott Wall. “So it’s just impossible to believe that we would tie three teams, three games in a row in one season. It’s unheard of.”

Not only hard to believe, but frustrating for both the coach and the team.

“What do you say?” Wall said. “I mean, we didn’t lose, so there’s really nothing we can complain about, but we didn’t win either, so there’s not exactly a lot to be happy about. The one thing it is, is very frustrating.”

In West Virginia High School varsity soccer, during the regular season, ties are not broken. Should the regulation time limit for a game run out, and teams are tied, the score stays as a tie, no win nor loss for either team. In tournament play, such as Sectionals, Regionals or State Championship contests, tie breaking procedures are put into place however. If after regulation time has run out and the score is tied, two extra 10 minute periods are played, where both teams have the opportunity to score. If after that time has expired and the score is still tied, penalty kicks come into play with five players from each team taking shots at the net against the opposing goalie, and again, and again until a winner emerges.

The Knights first tie of the week took place at St. Clairsville on Sept. 23 when the Silver and Black faced off with the Red Devils, ending the game at 1-1, the Knights only goal was scored by defender, Dylan Romine. Consolidated took 11 shots on goal in the game while holding St. Clairsville to seven.

“St. Clairsville has a good team, and we played right with them,” the coach said. “They scored with about six minutes to go in the game, and I thought we were done, but Dylan scored with about two minutes to go on the clock to tie it up.”

On Sept. 25 the Magnolia Blue Eagles played at Burgbacher field in Middlebourne, returning home to New Martinsville after tying the home team, 0-0.

“We played kind of uneven in the first half,” Wall said. “We didn’t play like ourselves. In the second half we had a better game, but so did they. It was like we were not willing to take a risk or make a mistake. Had we taken more shots at the goal, we could have won this one.”

Magnolia took four shots on goal against Skylar Kinnard, the Knight goalie, while the Knights took 15 shots towards the Blue Eagle net.

The Silver Knights took on the Morgantown Trinity Warriors on Saturday in Morgantown, returning home with their third tied game of the season, 3-3. Sophomore Dylan Reynolds scored two of the Knight goals and senior Jeremy Smith, the other. Assists were provided by Mario Mantecon and Dylan Romine.

Trinity scored the first two goals in the game in the first 12 minutes, adding the third goal two minutes later putting the Knights at a severe disadvantage on the scoreboard. But before the first half ended, the Silver and Black had tied the game. Consolidated took 24 shots at the net in the game while holding their opponets to six total, and only one shot in the second half.

“Our defense is looking very good, and have been playing very well,” the coach said. “Offensively though, it’s like we’re a step off or something. Offensively, we have to do better.”

The soccer team will play only game this week, on Thursday at Wheeling Central.