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Miley captures win at the ‘Bullring’

By Staff | Jul 6, 2011

Mother Nature was kind enough to leave off the wet stuff but she turned up the heat instead. The hot afternoon gave way to some hot action on the 1/4 mile Bullring.

Of the 33 Dodd’s Sporting Goods Super Late Models that signed in, Butch McGill, Steve Wilmoth, Devin Friese, and Paul Wilmoth Jr. scored heat wins. Jacob Hawkins and Ricky Williams took the conseys. When the field came to the green flag, S. Wilmoth lead Corey Conley, Jared Miley, Robbie Scott and P. Wilmoth to turn one. The first of many yellows flags for flat left rear tires came out on lap three for Keith Barbara.

The UFo series uses the ‘no stop rule’ with blame. The next stoppage came on lap five when Mike Benedum spun in turn two with the assistance of Jacob Hawkins as both went to the tail. S. Wilmoth, Scott, Miley, Conley and McGill were now the top five. On lap six the yellow waved for P. Wilmoth who suffered a flat right rear tire. S. Wilmoth was still in command but Scott began to apply pressure and pulled even with him on lap eight. On lap 12 Scott made a successful bid for the lead but the caution came out for Jacob Hawkins with a flat left rear. Wilmoth got the point back, but while under yellow he suffered a flat left rear giving the lead to Scott. Scott, Miley, Conley, McGill, and Danny Mitchell were now the top five.

The tire woes continued as Scott suffered a flat left rear on lap 13 causing another stoppage. Miley was now the new point setter with Conley, McGill, Steve Weigle and Jared Hawkins the new top five. The race stayed green until lap 21 when Mitchell and Barbara got hooked together on the front straight.

The top five now consisted of Miley, Conley, Jared Hawkins, McGill, and Weigle. The top four remained the same as Friese entered the top five by the half way mark. The next caution came out on lap 29 when D J Cline slowed in turn three. The race would see it’s longest green stretch as it remained on go until lap 42 when Greg Baumberger exploded a left rear tire. The remaining circuits were unscaved as Miley in the Colossy Chevrolet / Forcey Coal #H1 collected the $4,000 check. Conley, Jared Hawkins, McGill and Friese filled out the top five.

In the United Rental Industrial Division FASTRAK Late Models Kyle Thomas grabbed the front spot on the second try at green. Shaun Jett, Danny Thomas, Charles Daugherty, and Daniel Hill fell in behind K. Thomas. Two early yellows on laps two and four slowed action. On the restart K. Thomas and Jett hooked together on the front chute but broke loose just as Thomas slowed in turn two. That handed the lead to Jett as he fended off a determined Hill for the remaining go rounds. It was the Aluminum Service Center / Custom Builders sponsored #137 second victory on the season. Hill, on his Grandfather’s night, had to settle for second. Joel Prosser, D. Thomas and Michael Griffin (from tenth) rounded out the top five.

The Bridgeport Equipment & Tool Modifeds saw new comer Kevin Moorehouse snagged the lead at the outset and never be seriously challenged for the spot. The Sam’sUsed Cars #28 would lead flag to flag for the victory. Another newbie Tanner Wilson crossed in second. Mark Dickson, Brent Trimble and Mike Wilson were third through fifth.

Kenny Isner driving the Mike’s Auto Body / Norris Tire #7 lead wire to wire in the Sigler Fabrication Hot Mods to collect his third checkerboard of the year. Codi Eaton, Roland Bell, Lou Ennis and Levi Flesher followed him across the stripe.

In the Herrington Yoak Pre Ford / Pre Owned Auto Mod Lites, Josh Baldwin continued his hot streak. Last week he won the makeup and regular features. This week in his J & T Paving & Excavating / Belmont Aggregate grabbed his heat and lead flag to flag in the shortened feature due to exceeding the time limit. Mitch Ward, Mitch Herrick, Brandon Fluharty, and Beau Newlon were second through fifth.

Dustin Wamsley made his first appearance in the Wells Inn / Champion Sport Cards & Trophies Eco Flyer 4 Cylinders pay off as he lead green to checkered crossing the line ahead of David Bunnell, Josh Fulks, Donnie Wamsley, and Zack Jones.

In the Outlaw Graphic & Automotive Services Mini Wedges, Shayla Griffey collected her third first place trophy (this week sponsored by Sam Watson Trucking). Wesley baker emerged in second, Georgie Tennett was third, Tiffany Jackson and P J Wright were fourth and fifth.

This week at the Bullring it’s Wilson Law Offices Dukes of Hazzard Night & Hometown Hero Wetzel & Marshall County Free Night. Dress like your favorite Duke’s character and get $5.00 off a ‘Black Diamond’ t-shirt. Plus the Hometown Heros program continues for residents of Wetzel and Marshall counties showing ID and voucher can get in free.

For complete details go to www.tylercountyspeedwayonline,.com.

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Late Models; Jared Miley, Corey Conley, Jared Hawkins, Butch McGill, Devin Friese, Steve Weigle, Steve Wilmoth, Mike Benedum, Donnie Dotson, Quinton Wyandt, Dannie Ruza, Greg Baumberger, Dusty Hamrick, D J Cline, Jacob Hawkins, Danny Mitchell, Keith Barbara, Robbie Scott, Chad McClellen, Ricky Williams, Bobby Hill, Paul Wilmoth Jr. Heats; McGill, S. Wilmoth, Friese, P. Wilmoth. Conseys; Jacob Hawkins, Williams. DNS; Jeremy Misel, Tracie Sampson, Zach Dohm, Jim Quaigg, Ricky Conley, Tony Musolino, Billy Brown, Dwight Henry, Charlie Maloney, Matt Dobnak, Shane McLoughlin.

FASTRAK; Shaun Jett, Daniel Hill, Joel Prosser, Danny Thomas, Michael Griffin, Charles Daugherty, Rick Strickler, John Watson, Tony Tatgenhorst, Sonny Conley, Derek Rogers, Brad Thomas, Bill Shaffer, Eddie Starkey, Lester Huffman, Lee Roy Ferguson, Jamie America, Kyle Thomas, Tom Keplinger, Derek Doll. Heats; K. Thomas, Daugherty, Jett.

Modifieds; Kevin Mooreshouse, Tanner Wilson, Mark Dickson, Brent Trimble, Mike Wilson, Ted Bier, Justin Sinnett, Matt Holcomb, Brian Rush, Cody Henthorn, Randy Davis, Chris Ice.

Hot Mods; Kenny Isner, Codi Eaton, Roland Bell,Lou Ennis, Levi Flesher, Kurt Burge, Corey Haught, Travis Thomas, Bill Sigmon, Lindsey Smarr. Heats; Sigmon who was disqualified for illegal part giving win to Eaton, Isner.

Mod Lites; Josh Baldwin, Mitch Ward, Mitch Herrick, Brandon Fluharty, Beau Newlon, Jim Ruckman, Troy Collins, Shawn McBride, Daniel Eddy, Zack Watson, Kasey Campbell, Mike Herrington, Zack McBride, Chad Tasker.

4 Cylinders; Dustin Wamsley, David Bunnell, Josh Fulks, Donnie Wamsley, Zack Jones, Bill Doll, Justin Frazier, Jay Siglinger, Ronnie Wright, Bryan Underwood, Brian Campbell.