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Knights host Wrestle-A-Bout

By Staff | Dec 22, 2010

Saturday dawned bright and early for high school wrestlers in the area as Tyler Consolidated hosted their annual Wrestle-A-Bout tournament at the school. Ten teams participated at the event, including the Silver Knights.

“We had a little bit of a late start,” said head coach of the Silver Knights, Chad Snider. “But after getting the ball rolling, it went smooth. The tournament was run in a pool style, therefore every wrestler got numerous matches even if they had more than two losses. There was a round robin in each pool basically.”

“This is good for developing programs like ours because there is no replacement for mat time. Competition brings intensity that is hard to achieve in most practice rooms. We have a very young team and were fortunate enough to have three placers from Tyler Consolidated. Calvin McCune took first place at 152 pounds; Nathan bolin took second place at 140; and John Brosky took third place at 119.”

“The other Knight wrestlers didn’t fair so well for the day, but I can see improvement every day. It only takes on technical error by a wrestler to lose a match. Those technical errors are what coach Blake and myself are trying to fix. We try to catch them before they turn into a bad habit.”

Snider said he counts the weekend tournament as a victory regardless of the Silver Knights record on paper. “Experience and fun was had by all who competed,” he said. “This being my first home tournament as a coach, I definitely learned from the experience and hope to improve the tournament next year.”

“I would like to extend a special thank you to Chuck Baker, because without his expertise the tournament would not have ran so well.”

“Coach Blake and myself are very lucky to have parents who pull their own weight plus some as well. The hospitality room was top notch, thanks to our chairperson Amy Grimes. It takes help from many to run a tournament well and we would like to thank all who were there to help out.”

The first four winners by weight class at the Wrestle-A-Bout are:

103 – 1, Austin Harris (P.South B); 2, Jacob Kelly (Clay Battelle); 3, Josh Rine (John Marshall B); 4,Ryan Keckly (Sissonville)

112 – 1, Kolby Games (JM-B); 2, Kyle Harris (P.South B); 3, Andrew Davis (Ritchie); 4, Austin Moss (Sissonville)

119 – 1, Bradon Knotts (P.South B); 2, Justin Rine (John Marshall B); 3, John Brosky (TCHS); 4, Matt Barns (Weir)

125 – 1, Hunter Mclaughlin (Weir); 2, Howard VanScyoc (JM-B); 3, John Hill (Sissonville); 4, Matt Went (Sissonville)

130 – 1, Reno Castelli (Weir); 2, Kris Wood (JM-B); 3, Kyle Knotts(P.South B); 4, Nick Lane (Sissonville)

135 – 1, Jordan Quiocho (P.South B; 2, Ryan Simmons (JM-B); 3, Gabe Clymer (Weir); 4, Shayne Hinkle (CB)

140 – 1, Stewart Morris (P.South B); 2, Nathan Bolin (TCHS); 3, Shayne Harmon (Magnolia); 4, Tim Barnes (Weir)

145 – 1, Jess Bennett (Weir); 2, Mathew Dixon (P.South B); 3, Kyle Bartlett (Ritchie); 4, Logan Crain (Sissonville)

152 – 1, Calvin McCune (TCHS); 2, Derek Hinkle (Clay Battelle); 3, Damon Gardee (P.South B); 4, Tim Osbourne (Ritchie)

160 – 1, Coty Everett (SMHs); 2, Cody Watson (P.South B); 3, Matt Harkness (Ritchie); 4, Jeff Turner (CB)

171 – 1, Logan Bowie (SMHS); 2, Cole White (SMHS); 3, Aaron Barnette (CB); 4, Robert Hart (JM-B)

189 – 1, CD Cox (SMHS); 2, Michael Simmons (JM); 3, Tyler Lynn (P.South B); 4, Will Eddy (CB)

215 – 1, Chuck Lynch (Sissonville); 2, Andrew Clark (JM-B); 3, Zack Markley (S.Harrison); 4, Trenton Hart (Ritchie)

285 – 1, Darren Starr (Weir); 2, Ethan Barns (Weir); 3, Tyler Baker (Mag); 4, Travis O’neal (SMHS)

The Silver Knight wrestlers will not see action again until after the New Year. The team will host a tri-match with Beallsville and Barnesville on Jan. 5 and on Jan. 8 they will travel to Cameron.