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TCHS hosts annual basketball camp

By Staff | Jun 30, 2010

Forty-five students attended TCHS’s basketball camp the week of June 21-24. .

For the second year in a row, C.J. Kimble, head coach of Tyler Consolidated High School’s Boys Basketball team sponsored a Basketball Camp for the area children.

A total of 45 kids attended the camp and were served breakfast and lunch everyday. They met in the high school gym during the week of June 21 through 24.

When asked how well did the camp go, Kimble said, “It was great.”

“We had two groups, we put the older kids in the high school gym and the younger kids in the middle school gym,” said Kimble.

“They all had fun and had big smiles on their faces, and that’s what it was for,” stated Kimble.

On the last day of the camp, the kids were given free t-shirts.

Coach Kimble said, “The goal of the camp was to get students involved in basketball and for the second year in a row we had over 40 campers.” CoachKimble would like to thank all that participated and those who helped out with the camp. Those who helped were Robbie Jones, Bob Jones, Scott Wall, Jeff Ferrell, Darren Heintzman, Cory Lowe, BJ Eastham, Evan Cline, Justin Carpenter, and Hunter LeMasters.

Fundamental skills and basic basketball was emphasized all week long. Each student came with a great attitude and left with a smile and a greater love for the game.

Campers were: Regan Smith, Shawn Jones, Summer Miller, George Tennant, JoLee Walton, Emily Lancaster, Nathan Lancaster, Joralda Rice, Jahnvi Duncan, Kenna Smith, Amanda Reynolds, Dalton Baker, Ryan Jones, Remington Miller, Aaron Warner, Dylan Roberts, Cheyenne Ferrell, Sam Lancaster, Isis Moore, Zachary Bonner, Brannon Jones, Trent Smith, John Lancaster, Colby Lash, Joey Hunt, Blake Carpenter, Josh Smith, Ryan Dalrymple, Cole Kocher, Nathan Heintzman, Dylan Reynolds, Kyle Mason, Sydney Yoho, Jarrett LeMasters, Cana Turner, Noah Smith, Dylan Glover, Evan Davis, Josh Frum, Kyle Frum, Kamryn Davis, Brandon Weigle, Brianna Wade, Daryn Weekley, Miranda Weekley