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Weekley wins annual Jug Handle 5K

By Staff | Aug 5, 2009

Participants of the 18th annual Jug Handle 5K

Runners and walkers battled the heat Sunday, Aug. 2 to compete in the 18th annual Jug Handle 5K Run/Walk at Sellers Road in Middlebourne. While rain went through the area earlier in the day, it cleared up by the 2:30 p.m. start, but provided a humid race environment.

A total of 36 people competed in the event with awards given out to people in 10 different divisions. Josh Weekley was the overall winner finishing with a time of 18:08. The overall female runner was Amanda Reynolds who finished with a time of 29:12.

In the 29 and under male division, Zach Serian took home first crossing the start-finish line with a time of 18:50. Aaron Estep followed with a time of 19:21 for second. Third place went to Jordan Wilcox at 19:24. Jonathan Langer finished fourth with a time of 19:52.

Fifth through eighth were Bryn Perkey at 21:10, Nathan Weese at 21:28, Luke Renolds at 21:31 and Travis Hoyes at 23:06.

In the 30 to 39 male division, Michael Bee beat out Luke Reynolds with a time of 18:22. Reynolds crossed with a time of 29:13.

There were four runners in the 40 to 49 male division with Erik Eskey winning with a time of 23:31. Rodney McWilliams finished in second at the 25:58 mark. Richard Summers scored third with at 31:58, followed by Andy Benson at 36:43.

Fiver runners competed in the 50 to 59 male division with John Holliday winning with a time of 22:57. Don Lane finished second at 23:24, followed by Rocky Leonhart at 24:01, Jack Lane at 25:13, and Joe Griffith at 29:26.

In the 60 plus division, Lowell Bee crossed the line at 23:45 for first. Tommy Nichols seconded him at 31:38.

In the female division of 29 and under, Mandy Rymer won with a time of 29:42. Kylee Yeater finished second at 36:07 and Tara Weese came in at third with a time of 42:50.

Kim Weekley won the 30 to 39 female division without a time and Celeste Benson won the 40-49 divsion with a time of 33:37.

The walkers were led by Tim Finkel at 32:06. Second place went to William Cunningham at 35:52. Don Zelenske was a minute behind at 36:52 and Ernie Doll finished fourth at 39:04.

Fifth through 10th were Terry Whitecotton at 39:05, Diane Hartley at 39:33, Tracy Summers at 42:48, Tom O. Donohue at 48:47, Declan O. Donohue at 48:48, and H.J. Rogers at 51:52.