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By Staff | Feb 22, 2017

Ed Parsons

Last week after watching a local basketball game, I heard the funniest story about a referee heckler.

I have written several times about good sportsmanship, respect, hard work and many other things that draw attention to what is often seen at local sporting events. I have tried to get the message out that the coaches should be the ones questioning the refs. I have to admit I have been guilty of referee complaining this year, many times you get caught up in the game and it just happens. You can’t help yourself.

I wasn’t at this particular game so I can only relay what was told to me. It has been my observation, however, that anything can be said, anything can happen and quite often does.

You never know who you may be talking to or about, and many times what you say comes back to bite you in the foot. You also never know who may be refereeing, they come from all walks of life. I know some who are attorneys, law officers, bankers, sports writers, editors, car salesmen, doctors and people from many other professions.

Down the river a little ways there was a big game with a lot on the line. The gym was packed, tension was high and the hecklers were in place. By the way, this in no way is talking about the cheering sections at the schools. I think they do a great job rooting on their teams. I’m saying that just in case someone gets the wrong idea that I may be picking on your kids. I don’t do that, however, this story is an example of how ridiculous some people can be. Especially those that set in the stands and gossip because they are dissatisfied with decisions that affect their own.

Now back to the story! As the big game was winding down and the outcome was still undecided, the referee made a call that was game changing. The underdog team ended up winning on their own court and the visitors were handed their first defeat of the season. Now, look that up and you’ll be able to figure out who these two teams were and where it was at and if you dig deep enough you may even find out who the referee was.

Immediately after the call, the heckler, who obviously knew more than the ref, let out a couple choice words and after a brief confrontation with the referee, was ejected from the gym along with his wife and younger son who also got in on the action.

His other son was the one who was called for the violation. How embarrassing that must have been! The disruption in the game made for a difficult situation and caused the visiting coach to call a time out and question the referee.

Knowing the call probably would cause his team to lose its first game, he became offensive, so he too was ejected and a technical was called which made matters worse. Down by only one with the ball and only seven seconds remaining, the coach just gave the game away. The home team took advantage and the upset happened.

Two days later the heckler took his vehicle to the shop for some repairs. He spoke to the owner about the problem with the slow idling of his truck and how it was hard to keep running and hard to start. The owner told him they would check it out and give him a call when they found the problem to see if he wanted it fixed.

After the mechanic checked it out he found it needed a fuel pump, tune up and a new fuel filter. The total package would cost $720. The repair shop called the customer and obtained his permission to fix it. The next day they called to tell the customer his vehicle was finished and running great.

He had his wife drop him off at the shop and after paying the bill, he thanked them and drove away. After driving home he decided the vehicle drove so nice he would like to take his van and have it repaired. He drove to the repair shop the next day to thank them for doing a good job and inquire about getting his van worked on.

The owner wasn’t in and the receptionist sent him back to talk with the mechanic. The mechanic with a dirty ball cap, bib overalls and covered in grease was under the hood of another car when the customer approached him. He said, “they told me to come talk to you about my van.” The mechanic looked up from under the hood with sweat and dirt covering his face and said how is your truck running?

The customer said great! The mechanic came right back and said, well at least I got that one right! He then took off his cap, cleaned his hands and face and said now what can I do for you? It was then that the customer realized the mechanic that made the right call on his truck was the referee that ejected him and his family from the ball game a couple days earlier.

I was told this is a true story. So you see the “Bum” who made the call was just another hard working individual who does the best job he can every day and “night.” Talk about learning a lesson!

On another note I want to congratulate Cory Chipps on his big win in the heavyweight Class A wrestling tournament at Ritchie County and also to JoLee Walton and Peyton Kocher on their fine performance in the LKC free throw contest and hot spot 3-point shootout. Both girls are just sophomores. Kocher knocked in 14 points in the shoot out and Walton hit 7-10 free throws. They are sure to be back the next couple years.