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Tyler Cross Country Team Plays Together, Stays Together

By Staff | Oct 12, 2016

Photo provided From left, Silver Knights’ cross country stars Gavin Corley, Josh Frum, Nate Barker hold Creed Ammons moments before they take the plunge at the Tyler Consolidated Homecoming Dance.

The Silver Knights posted phenomenal times Saturday morning at the OVAC Cross Country Championship in Meadowbrook, Ohio.

“I’m still astounded with how well everybody did,” said Josh Frum, a junior. “Everyone on the team ran a personal best and finished within a minute of the first runner. Trey Keys in particular had a great race, and with this being his first year, I have a lot of hope for the future of our team. With the improvement we’re making every race, I’m excited for my senior year with these guys.”

Later that day, the team attended the TCHS Homecoming dance adding credence to the old adage, a team that plays together, stays together. Far from the mud and the muck that greeted runners competing anywhere in the Ohio Valley, the Silver Knights wore nice clothes, the kind you hang up in a closet, to the dance.

“We spend time together as teammates which led to friendships,” Nate Barker said. “We enjoy the same interests and have fun when we’re together. Going to the dance was just another way to enjoy ourselves together.”

Worth noting, the TCMS boys cross country team placed second not only at the LKC Middle School Championship, but again claimed a runner-up trophy at Saturday’s Ohio/West Virginia Middle School Challenge.

Spencer Corley placed second in the first race and won the Challenge race.

“It was a long, hard two miles racing against some tough competition,” he said. “You can’t let your guard down when you are surrounded by top notch runners like Carter Lipscomb, Brennan Gum and Brady Layman.”

The up and coming girls’ team won the Challenge race. Congrats!

Some runners just run for exercise while others do it for social reasons nothing wrong with any of that. But then there are those runners who challenge the boundaries of the body and soul. They are the type who will sprint to the finish without air, care about a medal or concern about collapse.

Corley paces himself forward with a single-minded determined intensity during each lap, each mile.

“My goal in every race is to give it all I’ve got and I finish on empty, with no regrets,” he said.

Corley’s older brother, Gavin, pushes the boundaries as he brawls time and again against not only the terrain, but other runners. He runs with pure emotion so much so that he lets out his signature battle cry as he crosses the finish line.

The same spirit drives Gavin Corley’s teammates all of who cracked the 20-minute barrier at the OVAC Championship that featured more than 20 girls and boys teams and nearly 400 runners. The times indicate the team is peaking at about the right time before the state championships in about three weeks.

As to the times, here’s the score for that quintet of Silver Knights who cracked the 20-minute barrier at the OVAC Championship: Gavin Corley at 91st place (18:32); Frum at 96th place (18:45); Keys at 99th place (18:48); Creed Ammons at 104th place (19:01); and Barker at 113th place (19:22). Overall, the team placed 17th about middle of the pack that included top teams up and down the bracket.

Per the girls’ side of the ledger, race times were incomplete, however, Jahnvi Duncan finished at 35th place; Katie Pratt at 52nd place; Emma Paden at 114th place; Taylor Ebert at 169th place.

On that note, Magnolia’s Jordan Delaney finished at 18th place and teammate Breanna Barbera at 38th place; Arissa Kline of Paden City was 158th place and teammate at 162nd place.

Per TCMS action in the 3k race in the Ohio/WV Challenge, Spencer Corley finished in first place; James Streets in sixth place; Haygen Baker in 11th place; Hayden Brown in 18th place; Kibbey Jackson in 44th place; Austin Vancamp in 71st place; Bailey Connor in 78th place.

As to the girls, Abi Thompson placed sixth; Kelsi Vandruff at seventh place; Trinity Kanz at 13th place; Emily Ebert at 14th place; Abigail Ebert at 21st place; Jordan Ebert at 43rd place; Kashia Brown at 44th place.

As to the LKC’ boys Championship, Spencer Corley placed second; Streets at seventh; Baker at eighth; Brown at 16th; Kibbey at 31st.

On the girls’ side of the ledger, Kelsi Vandruff at twelth place; Abi Thompson at 13th; Trinity Kanz at 25th place; Abigail Ebert at 41st place; Emily Ebert at 42nd place; Kashia Brown at 43th place; and Jordan Ebert at 48th place. If you look at both races, the girls appear to be jockeying for position as they trade spots that’s good.