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By Staff | Sep 14, 2016

There’s a competitive side to everyone, whether it’s in sports or just life itself.

We all have that desire to succeed and make the best of what we have.

Coaches have an extremely tough job, especially when it comes to winning. The competition is intense. It come from all directions – from the opposition, the fans and parents.

Some coaches handle it very well and others struggle. I was extremely disappointed in the way the Magnolia coach handled himself in the recent soccer match between Magnolia and Tyler Consolidated. Not only did he blatantly question the officials, he also used profanity on more than one occasion; not a good example to set for the school, team and community.

The profanity was used clear and loud and in the presence of his team and others. He was issued a warning, but with what was said the penalty was not enough. I have to question what makes someone display that type of behavior. He is employed to represent the school and work with the children. His remarks were not only made towards the officials, but also towards some of his players. It seemed he wanted to be self satisfied above all else. That is not competitiveness, it’s coaching at it’s worst.

I have attended many sporting events this year and the competition at most events has been great to watch. Coaches working hard doing the best they can for their school and athletes. Parents and fans cheering loud and showing support for their kids and teams. School officials being great hosts. It is just disturbing to watch as just one coach can make a whole school look bad and spoil an otherwise great night of sports.

The Magnolia and Tyler Consolidated soccer match was great to watch. Both teams competed extremely hard and the outcome was in doubt right up to the end. The Knights came away with a 1-0 win, but Magnolia came away with a lot of respect for their tough competitive play. There were several great plays in the match, both goalies made outstanding plays at the net.

I watched some great volleyball matches this week as well and not once did I see or hear anything that was out of line. Just good old fashion hard playing by the athletes and good competitive coaching on all sides. Cheering sections from all schools have been great so far.

Competition encompasses all areas of life and we all want to be winners, yet someone has to lose. Last year’s winners are not always going to be this year’s best; it’s the way things are, some people just need to accept it. It’s not the players or coaches fault. They work just as hard when things are not going well.

I watched the Silver Knights football team last year and felt it was well coached and had quality players. However, injuries and other circumstances kept them out of the playoffs. This year, the Knights are off to a great start. They are once again healthy and the competitive side is showing.

Coach Ryan Walton and staff have worked very hard getting this team ready and the team is responding well. They play an extremely tough schedule and have several more tough games ahead, but these guys are tough as well and with their competitive nature, look for them to extend the season.

There are winners and losers in all facets of life. It is my opinion that participating in sports helps children build a competitive edge they can carry with them all the days of their life. Those who don’t participate in something normally end up with nothing. I see it everyday, there are all kinds of opportunities for our children. If you are a parent, get them involved in something. If not sports, try something else. Music is another good choice. The schools are full of programs for the kids.

As I watch some of the young adults today, it saddens me to see people who appear lost with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Many today are victims of substance abuse and more and more are following in the footsteps of parents who never got involved and never gave their children the chance either. They see a way of life that is a dead end. Good parents do what’s best for their children. Things like taking them to church, going on vacations, studying with them, helping them get involved in good social programs and sports. There are also many volunteer groups that help children become better citizens.

Parents, do what is right for your kids! It will teach them to be competitive in life and chances are they will be successful citizens. Children watch what you are doing; you set the example and the way you act is what they follow.

Drugs, bad language, living off the system and allowing underage drinking are bad examples. I applaud those who work so hard to raise their children right. I also applaud the many great coaches right here in the Ohio Valley.

I do not, however, approve of coaches who disrespect officials and use improper language in front of our students and athletes. These type of coaches should learn to represent their school and athletes in a proper manner or resign. They have no place in the coaching profession. Kids hear what they say and watch what they do. I would rather play on a losing team than play for a coach who wants to win only for himself.