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By Staff | Sep 7, 2016

My Grandpa used to say, “I’ve got a lot to do and not much time to do it in” – I think I know how he felt.

With so many sporting events going on and many on the same night, it’s just keeps you on the run constantly. There has been something happening nearly every night and sometimes multiple events. Just following high school volleyball alone can be a chore, then throw in soccer, (girls and boys) along with JV games, cross country, golf and high school football and you have a full schedule.

With the Labor Day weekend cutting the paper deadline a day short and a trip to Morgantown to watch the Mountaineers, sleep became obsolete, no time for it. I have a hard time sleeping anyway and if I get five hours, I’m usually good. This past week, however, three to four hours was the norm. Can’t really complain tho because what other job pays you to go watch high school sports and allows you to get in free to every event.

Sports writing is one of those jobs that has its good side and its bad side. Just when you feel like everything is going great, somebody’s picture didn’t get in or the stats were given to the wrong person or left clear out. My hardest part is getting the names right. That’s where I struggle, but I’m working hard on that. Every kid playing deserves to be recognized and they all want their name spelled right. We have some great kids in our area and I enjoy the opportunity to watch them as they grow through their years in school. Their are also some great parents and grandparents who wholeheartedly support these kids, some just live for the next game.

Several good volleyball matches were held this past week with Paden City opening with a pair of wins over Bishop Donahue and Valley. Tyler Consolidated opened with a three-set win against Magnolia. I am still amazed at the reflexes of some of these girls. Just when you think the ball is out of play or going to hit the floor, someone makes a play that keeps things alive. Their quickness is also amazing and their ability to time the hit and make good sets shows how hard they have practiced. We are lucky to have great volleyball coaches that keep the kids interested in the programs. The Knights really flexed their muscle in the Oak Glen tournament on Sat coming away as runners-up.

While being on a diet always sucks, it is especially tough this time of year with all the concession stands open. I always struggle when at Paden City home football games because of their delicious hot dogs and sauce. It’s like Lay’s potato chips “bet you can’t each just one.” After making the trip to Mo-Town on Saturday to watch the opener, hitting two tailgates and stadium food it’s back to McDonalds side salads for a couple weeks.

Speaking of food, Paden City has a new eatery in the “Wildcat Den” located in the south end of the Matthew Barker Complex. The entrance is on the south end of the building with plenty of parking. If you had ever been a fan of Dick’s Pizza in Duffy, Ohio, it is the same pizza offered. They also have burgers, wings and more. It’s a good addition to the community, stop in and try something, you will become a regular. Paden City also has Domino’s Pizza, who will bring it to your door and runs some very good weekly specials. The Tasty Freeze which has been a staple of the community for years still has some of the best food around, add those to the Chinese restaurant and Paden City folks can’t go wrong.

Thanks to the new owners of the Wildcat Den for locating in Paden City and thanks to the boosters and all involved in making it happen. That’s what makes a community come together. Working alongside each other, school officials, business owners, residents and elected officials all working for a common cause.

Sometimes, however, one or two bad apples can spoil the whole bunch. We need cooperation from all parties. Just as there is no room for bullying in the schools there is no room for it in elected city officials. They need to work for us that is what we elect them to do and for the most part we have good people. Anything else will not be accepted as it can destroy the good others work hard for. I’ll leave it go with that for now.

Paden City will be on the road this week traveling to Tygarts Valley while the Silver Knights will host Webster County in what could be two good ball games. Tyler Consolidated picked up their first win of the season on Friday Night beating Doddridge in fashion 42-12. While the Wildcats were idle.

There will be two big soccer games tomorrow night as the Silver Knights travel to Magnolia for boys and girls games. The boys game looks like it might be a close match as they both have played Wheeling Central close with the Knights tying Central 2-2 and Magnolia falling to Central 1-0. Folks, the lifeblood of our communities is in our schools, so go out and support them anyway you can. It’s good for the kids and for you as a parent or resident. It’s that participation and dedication which helps bring in quality teachers and coaches. Go somewhere this week and take in one of the local sporting events – you’ll be glad you did.