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Anderson Named All LKC Conference

By Staff | May 11, 2016

Photo Provided Silver Knights’ Tyler Anderson, a junior who named All Conference, dominated the field last week at the Little Kanawha Conference Championship meet. Anderson is moving so fast that his feet don’t appear to have touched the ground in the 200-meter dash — a race that he took second place honors.

Tyler track teams put up some solid highlights last week during the Little Kanawha Conference Championship meet in Roane County.

Twelve teams competed May 6 in the boys’ meet that ended with Williamstown winning and the Silver Knights placing fourth overall. Tyler Anderson was named All Conference.

Powerhouse Doddridge County claimed the top spot as girls’ conference champion over 10 teams. Though the Lady Knights placed tenth overall, the final score doesn’t tell the whole story.

Tyler’s soon to be legendary 4X100-meter teams left little doubt as to who will be the big dog at the upcoming regional and state competitions.

Thursday is the regional meet at St. Mary’s with its nice new track facility. This is their first year of hosting track events at their brand new school. Tyler Track Coach Jill Lemasters said the team attended a small meet there earlier in the season and competed well. She is optimistic about the Silver Knights’ chances.

“I feel and confident we could place well as a team and send many individuals to our state meet,” she said. “The team has worked hard throughout the season. At this point in our season, our times continue to improve, therefore we will have many smiling teammates as they advance to the state meet.”

The Silver Knights are pacing themselves to the gun lap at the state meet, perhaps to become one of the best track teams in the school history.

“This year’s track team has made great strides in the past two years,” Lemasters said. “Two years ago, we went down to the state tournament and came home without even placing as a team. Last year we jumped up to fifth place. Will this year be better? This is a really tough question to answer. The Single A Class has some truly tough competition this year. All of our competition surrounds us; Williamstown, St. Marys, Doddridge County and Magnolia. We have such tough competition it may be hard to keep our fifth place from last year. This would not be due to performance because our Knights have shown great growth and are strong performers although we may not have the depth that a few of those teams have. We will as a team go to regionals this year and put forth 100 percent. Will we be the best team of all times? Who knows? But we will give it our all and do our best! In our hearts, that is what counts.”

Boys highlights from the LKC meet came from a talented group of sprinters.

Anderson, a junior, must have had wings on his feet when he edged past a seasoned Doddridge County senior sprinter to claim second place in the 200-meter dash with a time of 23.58 seconds.

Another junior, Trent Shepherd took third place in the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.57 seconds.

Anderson, Shepherd, Federico Perez and Josh Peck passed off the baton time and again as they raced around the track in the 4×100-meter relay to capture the gold with a time of 45.55 seconds. The four horsemen took to the track again for the 4×200-meter relay to claim third place honors with a time of 1:37 minutes.

The Silver Knights’ 4×110-meter hurdle team Hunter Wells, Nathan Barker, Peck and Lemasters took home the silver with a time of about 1:03 minutes.

Barker and Lemasters finished fifth and six, respectively in the 300-meter hurdles with times of 46.23 seconds and 46.73 seconds to put some points on the board.

Lemasters’ busy day was not over as he placed third in the pole vault competition with a height of 12 feet, 6 inches.

Anderson powered down the short straightaway to claim the top spot in the long jump with a distance of 20 feet. Shepherd placed fifth with a distance of about 18 feet, 7 inches.

Devon Harris placed fourth in the shot put with a distance of 44 feet.

The girls’ team had a more than a few bright spots too at the conference championship.

The Fab Four girls’ record setting 4×100-meter relay team Macy Long, Ariel Fish, Katelyn Gogan and Sydney Glover dominated the race to claim first place honors with a time of 52.78 seconds.

The girls won the 4×100 relay last year at the State meet. The school record is 50.01 seconds.

“They have run a 51.5 this season, so are close to making a new school record,” Lemasters said. “This is a good possibility at the state meet this year. They are the Fab Four!”

And, Glover placed fifth in the 100-meter dash with a time of 13.57 seconds.

Also, Gogan placed third in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 16.62 seconds and sixth in the 300-meter hurdles with a time of 51.89 seconds.

The 4×102-meter hurdle team Emily Lancaster, Brooklyn Pittman, Belle Camerlin and Long placed fifth with a time of about 1:19 minutes to put some points on the board.

Tyler track athletes put in the time and pay their dues to succeed.

“All students on the Knights track teams are dedicated and work hard,” Lemasters said. “They are polite and want to succeed. They realize that to achieve they need to put forth effort. They are considerate of each other and encourage each other. The best part of watching our students is how they react and respond to other teams. The students at Tyler always encourage good sportsmanship regardless of the outcomes. During any of the track events, you could see and hear a Tyler participant cheering on other teams and teammates. Tyler County has great students and athletes.”