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Racers Run Like Rabbits In Bunny 5K

By Staff | Mar 30, 2016

Photo by Nicole Bowman-Layton Age group winners take a moment to catch their breath and pose for a photograph by the Tyler County Senior Center after the inaugural Bunny 5k Saturday morning. The event served as a scholarship fundraiser for the Tyler Consolidated High School Alumni Association.

MIDDLEBOURNE – Nearly 50 runners and walkers competed Saturday in the Bunny 5k around the county seat.

The event was a fundraiser for the Tyler Consolidated High School Alumni Association, which seeks to raise enough money to offer a scholarship or two to a graduating senior beginning with the class of 2016. The race started and finished at the Tyler County Senior Center and featured some challenging hills as well as picturesque green fields where horses roam and cattle call home.

Gavin Corley captured first place honors overall in the inaugural 3.1 mile race with a time of 19:22 minutes while Dalton Hayes was second with a time of 20:53. Earlier in the week, Corley, a TCHS sophomore on the Silver Knights’ track team, ran a 5:14 mile to place third in track meet against four schools at Ritchie County High School. He described Saturday’s course as challenging. His brother Spencer, an up-and-coming TCMS track star, also competed in the Bunny 5k.

Jessica Greathouse was the first place woman across the finish line with a time of 28:12 followed closely by 9-year-old Samantha Layton at around 30 minutes flat.

Layton and Mandi Rymer, who finished as the third place female, jockeyed for position during the last mile of the race before Layton put down the hammer during the last quarter stretch. Not only was Layton the second place female runner, but she won the 0-13 age group and finished in 10th place overall. During the race, the little girl not only endured a side stitch, but she ran the last mile with her right shoe lace untied in this race that leads into youth track season.

Photos by Miles Layton In the runners division, Gavin Corley and Jessica Greathouse took home first place trophies.

In the walkers’ division, Randy Nutter took home the gold with a time of 35:57 while Angie Merritt finished not only in second place overall, but she was the top female finisher at 40:14.

Kim Boggs, owner of Boggs Pizza N Grill, donated medals and trophies for the 5k. Meggan Merritt deserves rich praise, as do others including Melissa Parsons and Heather Seago, for organizing the race.

Bunny 5K results


Gavin Corley, 19:22.7

In the walkers division, Randy Nutter took home the gold while Angie Merritt finished not only second place overall, but was the top female finisher.

Dalton Hayes, 20:53.3

Logan Hostuttler, 23:14.3

Haygen Baker, 23:27.6

Rob Hostuttler, 23:47.6

Nate Weese, 23:54.8

Hadyn Brown, 24:47.2

Jessica Greathouse,


Jaxson Hostuttler,


Samantha Layton,


Mandi Rymer, 30:08.6

Miles Layton, 30:20.7

Landon Boggs, 33:43.3

Kashia Brown, 33:43.9

Alyssa Hornbeck, 33:52.3

Brayson Hayes, 34:28.1

Angela Gehrig, 34:50.3

Teya Henthorn, 36:28.3

Maddox Corley, 37:27.5

Justice Wright, 37:28.0

Clarissa Hornbeck,


Jacob Lee, 44:40.4

Carson Gorby, 44:45.2

Christie Minis, 47:37.8

Kristy Ferrell, 48:20.1

April Rush, 50:15.0

Harli Rush, 51:01.6

Nick Gorby, 53:01.7

Riley Mason, 57:56.2

Ginger Mason, 58:30.4


Randy Nutter, 35:57.5

Angie Merritt, 40:14.1

Jeni Leasure Bohrer,


Caleigh Phillips, 45:35.0

April Kimble, 48:20.9

Adam Croasmun, 51:24.3

Lisa George, 51:44.7

Jessie Turner, 51:45.8

Brad Croasmun, 51:46.8

Marsha Croasmun,


Griffin Phillips, 53:01.2

Makenzie Kimble, 53:19.9

Davina George, 53:22.4

Denise Gorby, 53:22.8

Nikki Phillips, 54:58.2

Tommy Phillips, 54:58.9

Kim Boggs, 58:31.1