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Tyler Co. Speedway fans enjoy tax relief day

By Staff | Apr 14, 2010

Even after paying “Uncle Sam”, it was obvious most race fans saved a few bucks for some fast excitement. With lower admission prices on Tax Relief night at Tyler County Speedway being a welcome draw, race fans “filed” to the speedway to enjoy a night of family entertainment for the second week in a row.

A good car count of nearly 150 cars made for tough racing competition throughout the evening. Off to a competitive start were the mini wedge drivers taking the track for two feature events. Current point standings are: 93-Ryan Watson; H17-Hunter Partridge; 8X – Wesley Baker; T17 – Trye Watson; 88-Georgie Tennant; 1jr-Chris Thomas; 99-Shayla Griffey; 20-Tiffany Jackson; 34J-Jordan Doty; 7kc-Kylie Cross; 11-Gunnar Travis; 4-Philip Bubeck; 24-Scott Perine; 0-Katylin Frazier; 18-PJ Wright; 29-Michael Shuman; 5-Breanna Wade; B1-Jackson Jacobs 51-Stevie Magyar; 8-Mackenzie Perine; 27jr-Jacob Ice; 75-Brandon Weigle; 45-Ashley Simonton; C4-Charity Bubeck; 22-Maverick Eddy; 00-Chris Riggs; and, 14-Wyatt McKee.

Following hot lap action, drivers again strapped on their helmets and buckled their seatbelts for some dirt track racing “Tyler County style”. The late model division took the track in their heat races and later a consy race to set positions for the feature. In a repeat setting, FastTrack drivers ran three heat races with a consy placing drivers into the feature race for this class. Contests were tight in all heat races keeping race fans on the edge of their seat and drooling for the start of the feature contests.

Racing action heated up with the start of the evening’s feature races. Late models took the first green flag in the feature race with four cautions throughout the event. Starting on the pole position was #42-Carnes, followed by #12-Williams, #46-Horton; #J4-Galvin and #14-Dalton in the starting five positions. With competition tight on the start and cars traveling as much as three wide to jump out to a quick lead, a pile up in Turn One lead to the demise of several cars who were forced to head back to the pits to race another day. Standings part-way through the contest showed Williams moving into first place with Carnes and Dalton following close behind. Wilmoth showed himself strong in the contest moving to the third position but coming up short when he spun in the very last lap of the race. The night’s winner in the Pro Power Racing Engine Late Model hailing from Beckley, WV followed by Carnes, Horton, Dalton and McGill rounding out the top five.

In the Crate Late Models, feature action saw a line up of #5-Loudin; #2H- Hitt; #8-Hill; #1J of Jett and #38K of Knollinger seated in the top 5 to start. A caution brought out on the backstretch lead to a slight delay in racing action as track crews had to burn off fuel from a ruptured fuel cell and a break in the guardrail requiring welding before racing action could resume.

On the restart, 19 cars from a field of 22 saw the restart. Hill and Strickler traded paint on the front straightaway in racing excitement that left fans panting for more as Loudin continued to set the pace for the remainder of the race. Loudin, Hitt, Hill, Jett and Knollinger finished the race in the top five.

In the Modified Division, #000- Garnes sat on the pole with #7H-Higgins, followed by#1A- Henry, #19-Sigler, and #75-Carr. Garnes and Henry put on a show for Tyler County Speedway fans throughout the race. When the checkered flag waved, Doug Henry, two time champion of the AMRA, showed himself strong as he crossed under the flagmans’ stand in the M & M Motor Sports’ sponsored AMRA Modified Division.

In the Purestock division, starting on the pole was #00-Wagner, followed by #13-Kyle, #18-Henthorn, #27-Ice and #99-Fornash. Midway through the race and following a caution, #13 Kyle was sitting at the point on the restart holding off fellow-racers Wagner, Ice, Fornash and Flesher. Making a late race charge for the checker, Fornash came to the front to win the feature contest followed by Wagner, Sinnett and Ice.

In the Hot Mod contest, the night’s heat winner, #58 Verardi started on the pole, followed by #K7- Burge, #14-Conger, #66-Fairborn, and #18 Thomas.

As racing action continued for this class of drivers, seven laps down there were few changes in the line-up with the exception of Underwood who started 8th making his way to the front of the pack. Standings seven laps down were Burge, Verardi, Thomas, Conger and Underwood. Final standings had #K7 of Burge, Verardi, Conger, Underwood and Thomas rounding out the top five spots.

Racing action continued in the evening’s last feature contest of the evening, with the Mod-Lite division. Action began with #3- McFee, #9-Lash, #25-Fluharty, #B3-Irvin, and #B4-Herrick putting on the show. Final standings for this race were McFee, Lash, Fluharty, Herrick, and Ruckman.

To start the race, four-cylinders shot out of the shoot like an eight-ball looking for the side pocket. With competition in this division continuing throughout the race, there were several lead changes. The door was open for race leader #22f -D. Bunnell to run in the front winning the evening’s contest followed by #2-Frazier, # 3- Lopez, #6- Cumberlidge, and #21-K. Dotson.

All in all, Tax Relief Night at the Speedway showed another night of exciting races for fans . . . great racing at a great price! You know what they say, “There are only two things you have to do in life . . . pay taxes and die.” Perhaps, “gettin’ down and dirty” at Tyler County Speedway should be added to the list. Join us this coming weekend, April 17 for the UFO Topless 50. Admission is just $14 for a night of family fun and excitement.

Final standings in all classes:

Late Models: 12-Williams; 42 Carnes; 46 Horton; 14 Dalton; 1mc McGill; 18 Scott; J4 Galvin; 7 Carpenter; 3 Irvin; 01 Koffman; 01 Bond, 18C Carpenter, 0 Shuman; B1 Wilmoth, 75 Weigle; 13 Todd; 4 McGrady; 18 Mitchell; 15 Dotson; 54 Brown; 28 Carpenter; and 7 Morrison

Fast track late models: 5-Loudin; 2h-Hitt; 8-Hill; 1j-Jett; 38k-Knollinger; 77-Prosser; 57-K. Thomas; 11-Griffin; K-2 Southern; 88-Green; 51-Watson; 7jr-D. Thomas, 14-Gibson; 50-Cossell; 58-Starkey; 55-Shaffer; 83-Lash; 87-Doll; 1g-Strickler; 23-Rogers; 2-Watson; and 56-Keene

Modified: la-Henry; 000-Garner; 20-Wilson; 19-Sigler; 29-Davis; Rv8-Venham; 75-Carr; 11s-Stacey; 73c-Cunningham; 75b-Boley; 7h-Higgins; 50-Malone

Hot Mod: K7-Burge; 58-Verardi; 14-Conger; 02-Underwood; 18-Thomas; 6-Schott; 15-Lauer; 0-Jones; 8L-Smarr; 66-Fairborn; and 7-Isner

Mod Lite: 3-McFee; 9-Lash; 25-Fluharty; B4-Herrick; 97-Ruckman; WV2-Conley; 99-Kincaid; B3-Irvin; 34-J. Watson; 13-Long; 4-R. McFee; 99T-Rggs; and 99e-Eddy

Pure Stock: 99-Fornash; 00-Wagner; 6-Sinnett; 07-Ice; 44-Ley; 22-Martie; T1-Mason, Jr.; 44-Smith; 72-Flesher; 13-Mason; 18-Henthorn- and 11-Wilson

4-Cylinder: 22F-d. Bunnell; 2-Frazier; 3-Lopez; 06-Cumberlidge; 121-K. Dotson; 00-Wamsley; B11-Mosser; 23-Sigpinger; 75-Arnold; 21b-Dennison; 62-Bell; 14B-W. Bunnell; 12-Sheets; 31x-J. Dennison; 13-Hatfield; 20-Stout.