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McGuire, Wimmer and Sayre win at Harvest 50

By Staff | Oct 14, 2009

When Brandon Wimmer of Fairmount, Indiana, and Josh McGuire ( Grayson, KY) nearly eclipsed their respective track records, fans and the competition knew it was going to be a barnstorming night at Billy Jarrell’s Skyline Speedway on Oct. 10.

The track was super fast from the Friday rains, but ironically, both Wimmer in the 410 sprints and McGuire in the Late Models won their respective features in high-flying style. Rod Sayre held off Kenny Johnson by a nose in the super-exciting Malta AMRA Modified main. All three drivers will be eligible for a $1,000 bonus should they win on Oct. 11 on the Skyline high-banks.

In the lightning-fast sprint races, Jimmy Nier claimed the fast-car dash that included cars for the All-Stars and the World of Outlaws. The dash was run in just two-tenths over a minute. Greg Mitchell and Alec Martin were flip victims, but were able to make repairs for the B-Main. Jimmy Nier led the first four laps with Danny Smith and Wimmer at his side. FAST Champ Craig Mintz caught a competitors wheel in turn four and flipped a couple times, while at the same time Dale Blaney caught the wheel of a slowing car and rolled in turn four. Both drivers were uninjured. Nier led another marker until Wimmer broke loose from the 3-way battle and bolted into the lead.

Wimmer in the Rick Ferkel #0 J&J/Griff’s Engines car went on to a blistering victory in lapping all, but the top six cars.

“The track was as good as you could get it after all of this rain,” said Wimmer. “It was really choppy in turns one and two. I just had to use the only trick in my book to keep going, just ‘Cowboy up’.” “I’d like to thank Rick and Cathy Ferkel for a chance in their car for this first visit to Skyline. I just tried to keep a straight line straight as the key to getting through the traffic. Thanks to Skyline and the staff for getting this race in tonight.”

No passing at Skyline? No one told young Cole Duncan. Duncan, who had a hot-lap miscue and a near-miss in his heat was on a crusade as he charged from 16th to fourth to earn-heard charger honors and put on a show for the fans. Behind Wimmer were Danny Smith, Jim Nier, Cole Duncan, Jack Sodeman Jr, Mark Keegan, Wes McGlumphy, Dallas Hewitt, Aaron Higgins, and B-Main winner Brian Benson.

The late model feature and set-up race for the Harvest 50 was a barn burner early, and a sleeper in the later stages. McGuire in the McGuire Speedshop Rayburn #41 jumped into an early lead of two laps, then Showtime Steve Shaver put it on the high-side, and blitzed by to lead the next two circuits. All the while Greg Oliver, the Jackson Ironman, slipped by McGuire for second. McGuire recovered and out of nowhere picked off Oliver on one end of the track and made Shaver his victim a lap later.

Shaver later fell out of the race with a broken suspension, but by this time all eyes were on the high-flying Chris Garnes who blasted from 14th to second before the race was done. For a time it seemed like Garnes could pull off the upset, but either his tires faded or the track went away in his up- high line. Garnes was the race hard charger.

Doug Drown came from 10th in the Malcuit House car #79 to finish third ahead of Harold Redman, the 2009 AMRA LM Champion. Redman held Drown off for third for some time, then engaged in a race-long battle with Larry Bond and Roy Roush in a three-way tilt for fourth.

Behind McGuire were Garnes, Drown, Harold Redman Jr, Larry Bond, Roy Roush, Ralph Withem, Travis Brookover, Nick Corbitt, and Mike McDaniel. Brookover made some big strides in coming from the back to a top ten.

Said McGuire shouting, “Rayburn Racing does it Rough!”

“After all the times I’ve run here, I’ve figured out you have to run it low, no matter what the track conditions. The cautions gave me a chance to rest. Tonight was a night you had to stand up on the wheel and drive. It was taking it’s toll. My only concern was running through the rough to battle the lapped traffic, but I knew what the car had to do. Really, I’d never thought we could have raced tonight. Getting the track in shape was a huge accomplishment for the track crew.”

Rod Sayre, Parkersburg, WV, is a great driver, no doubt, but a little push of the divine nature may have made the difference Saturday night when the hot-shoe claimed his third MALTA AMRA main of the year. Sayre was running away from the field until a lap six caution. With the field bunched up the complexion of the race changed completely. Kenny Johnson shot high out of fifth to third, nearly bagging second place Jeremy Blake. Upon the turn four exit, Blake blasted by Sayre to lead for two laps when his machine began to belch some smoke. Sayre retook the lead as the three cars made a Stealth Tri- angle of wheel-to-wheel action.

Suddenly, Blake made a sharp right to the pits, directly in front of a full-throttled Johnson. Johnson took evasive action, but J.P. Roberts filled the void and nearly got by Sayre on the inside of one.

Four laps later Johnson took over second and the last five laps were a Tri-way sprint to the finish with Johnson dogging Sayre every step of the way. Johnson led briefly on lap 18, but scrubbed off just enough speed in turn two to hinder his chances of a win. Still, he fought back on the high side of the track, pushing Sayre as Sayre won by no more that inches at the finish.

“I’d like to thank God for getting us here to victory lane and for a great race car,” said Sayre. “About half way I had trouble turning the car, but I made up my mind I was gonna win or jump the fence trying. Tonight is the hardest I have ever run, Kenny really pushed me to the limit. We had to battle not only the other cars, but the track conditions. I’m practically exhausted.”

Robert Garnes had a great run going until his mount broke, while Del Cunningham had a great run. Hard charger was Cunningham and Dusty Boley. Behind Sayre were Johnson, J. P. Roberts, Del Cunningham, Rob Stambaugh, Jeff Wood, Rick Venham Jr, Dusty Boley, Rick Venham Sr, and Bruce Miller.


410 Sprint Cars (37) Fast Time: Brandon Wimmer 10.77; Dash: Jim Neir, Danny Smith, Greg Wilson, Brandon Wimmer

Heat One: Jimmy Stinson, Ron Blair, Keith Baxter, Tony Beaber, Freddie Staats, Kory Crabtree, Jeremy Shanbaugh, Benny Hickle

Heat Two: Dale Blaney, Aaron Higgins, Dallas Hewitt, Wes McGlumphy, Josh Davis, Charlie Fisher, Jim Mosher, Greg Mitchell

Heat Three: Mark Keegan, Mike Linder, Criag Mintz, Ryan Myers, Ed Newmeister, Randy Fink, Butch Beasley, Alec Martin

Heat Four: Jack Sodeman, Rob Chancey, Cole Duncan, Todd Keen, Brian Benson, Bryce Dickson,Dave Dickson

B-Main: Josh Davis, Tony Beaver, Greg Mitchell – Wes McGlumphy, Freddie Staats, Kory Crabtree, Jeremy Shanbaugh, Tim Mosher, Charlie Fisher, Benny Hickle

B-Main: Brian Benson, Bryce Dickson,Ryan Myers, Ed Newmeister,Dave Dickson,Randy Fink,Alec Martin,Todd Keen,Butch Beasley

Feature: Brandon Wimmer, Danny Smith, Jim Nier, Cole Duncan, Jack Sodeman Jr, Mark Keegan, Wes McGlumphy, Dallas Hewitt, Aaron Higgins, Brian Benson, Michael Linder, Keith Baxter, Josh Davis, Rob Chancey, Greg Wilson, Jimmy Stinson, Dale Blaney, Criag Mintz

Late Models (38) Fast Time: #41 Josh McGuire 12.29

Heat One: Josh McGuire, Ralph Withem, Rick Williams, Travis Brookover, Mike McDaniel, Vince Conrad, Kurt Stacy, Justin Powell, Donald White, Audie Swartz

Heat Two: Greg Oliver, Chris Carpenter,Doug Drown, Jeff Wood, Marshall Wiblin,Joey Harper, Randy Smith, Todd Smith, Bub Crum, Steve Bigley (DNS)

Heat Three: Larry Bond, Harold Redman, Jr., Shon Flanagan, Chris Garnes, Nick Corbitt, Tim Good, Chris Stotts, JR Crum, KC Burdette

Heat Four: Steve Shaver, Roy Roush, Jason Montgomery,Ed Shuman, Tony Roush, Frank Roush, Richard Frazier, Jerry Mustain, Chad Todd

B-Main: Travis Brookover, Jeff Wood, Mike McDaniel, Vince Conrad, Kurt Stacy, Justin Powell, Randy Smith, Joey Harper, Marshall Wiblin, Bub Crum, Donald White, Todd Smith, Audie Swartz (DNS), Steve Bigley (DNS)

B-Main: Chris Garnes, Nick Corbitt, Tim Good, Chris Stotts, Richard Frazier, KC Burdette, Frank Roush, Ed Shuman (DNS), Tony Roush (DNS), J.R. Crum (DNS), Jerry Mustain (DNS), Chad Todd (DNS)

Feature: Josh McGuire, Chris Garnes, Doug Drown, Harold Redman Jr, Larry Bond, Roy Roush, Ralph Withem, Travis Brookover, Nick Corbitt, Mike McDaniel, Tim Good, Steve Shaver, Greg Oliver, Shon Flanary, Jeff Wood, Rick WIlliams, Chris Carpenter, Jason Montgomery

MALTA AMRA MODIFIEDS (28) Fast Time: Rick Venham Jr 14.36

Heat One: Chris Stotts, J P Roberts,Jeremy Blake, Rick Venham, Jr.,Rick Venham, Sr.,Dave Pinkerton, Rick Neace, Zach Kisner

Heat Two: Rod Sayre, Rob Stambaugh, Kenny Johnson, Jeff Wood, Robin Ours, Eric Hatfield, Jimmy Adams, Ken Patrick

Heat Three: Robert Garnes, Doug Henry, Del Cunningham, Dusty Boley, Joe Hamon, Kurt Stacy, Jeremy Roush (DNS)

Heat Four: Brian Whiteman, Mike McPherson, Matt Holcomb, Bruce Miller, Joe Cox, Dwight Henry, Dale Lyons

B-Main: Rick Venham, Sr., Rick Venham, Jr. Jeff Wood, Rick Neace, Zach Kisner, Robin Ours, Eric Hatfield, Jimmy Adams, Jeremy Roush, Dave Pinkerton (DNS), Ken Patrick (DNS)

B-Main: Dusty Boley, Bruce Miller, Joe Cox, Dwight Henry, Dale Lyons, Kurt Stacy, Joe Hamon

Feature: Rod Sayre, Kenny Johnson, J. P. Roberts, Del Cunningham, Rob Stambaugh, Jeff Wood, Rick Venham Jr, Dusty Boley, Rick Venham Sr, Bruce Miller, Brian Whiteman, Jeremy Blake, Robert Garnes, Matt Holcomb, Doug Henry, Mike McPherson, Joe Cox, Chris Stotts