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The Voice of the People

By Staff | Apr 21, 2021

To the Editor,

The Reason I am Running

As someone who moved to Sistersville 19 months ago after 30 years of being in Los Angeles working in the entertainment field, I came to the area for several reasons. First, it was to be a features reporter for the InnFormer. I began my career as a journalist in New Jersey and second, I wanted to take a sabbatical from what has become a toxic environment in not only Los Angeles, but all of California and much of the country.

I had heard of Sistersville before from news reports about a modern “Bonnie and Clyde” (as they were labeled) teen couple who were captured in the Ohio River near the Sistersville Ferry as well as through my research of haunted areas (a passion of mine) where I discovered the Wells Inn.

Well, since moving here, though I’m no longer a staff writer for the paper, I have come to love this area and have made it my home.

I have gotten to know many of the people who are just as delightful and of character as you would find in a small town (very Mayberry like). But what I also found is that this area is in a state of stagnant flux, where people are in a malaise about the lack of anything in this town, as if it was just a place to exist and not to live. This bothered me, as I’m someone of action who cannot be doing nothing. Maybe it’s my matrix but I don’t like to sit around and let things slide or die away. This is why I just produced a film festival that was held in Paden City.

It wound up being a success and even got the attention of WTRF TV7 who announced about it. But what really stood out for me is that some people were shocked by the fact that we even had an event like this going on in this area.

It seems they just didn’t think anyone would do anything, much less a film festival. Anyway, I’m grateful for the people that came, who sponsored and supported.

I mention all this because it is the reason I have decided to run for State Delegate, District 6, in the 2022 election as a republican candidate.

I have been told by many people they have been neglected regarding many issues and their voices ignored.

I know it will be a hard fight but I’m one who never backs away from a challenge and my convictions drive me. Convictions to want to better the place I live, help the people around me and do what I’m good at, seeing a problem and solving it.

This is the first of what I hope will be a series of letters and editorials where I can address more issues and what my plans are for the district in general and I look forward to meeting everyone during fund raisers and meet and greets once the election starts later this year.

Dave Shelton,