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By Staff | Mar 28, 2019

To The Editor,

Well, I can see there has not been anything done since the last letter I put in the paper.

There are two intersections in New Martinsville that are dangerous. That is the light at the Wetzel Chronicle building and the red light at Certified. The other third intersection is Route 180 and Route 2. People run these lights all the time, sometimes not even slowing down for the red lights, and speeding up to beat people that have the green lights.

Someone is going to get hurt bad or killed. I have seen tractor and tankers not even slowing down and go through the lights. I have seen a lot of close calls. One day I watched a truck coming off of Route 7, and a car was stopped at the light in front of him, and the truck passed the car to run the light and had to stop quickly beside the car, or he would have gotten broadsided and it would have been his fault. If these intersections were patrolled better, they could get their quota in tickets.

My wife and I both have almost gotten hit, and I have seen many others almost get hit. I know that there have to be more complaints than this.

I do not know why this problem has never been taken care of. I have talked to police about this. People must not think they have to stop for stop signs or red lights anymore.

Also the white line that the state paints on the road at the intersections is where you are supposed to stop. I have seen people stop in the middle of the intersection over the line, and when the light turns red, go through it anyway. Some people anymore must not care if they are taking someone else’s life in their hands. I hope something is done before someone loses their life.

God Bless

Thomas E. Trader, Sr.

Paden City, W.Va.