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By Staff | Nov 21, 2018

To The Editor,

Is it just me or did the place on Route 2 around Talkington’s get fixed worse the second time than the first? What is it about Wetzel County that we cannot get our roads fixed correctly. Route 2 is so rough in the towns, it feels like you are surfing the highway. Gas prices north and south of us are cheaper than our area. We pay the same gas tax as everyone else, but there is less money spent on roads in our area towns. The state raised the price of car licenses and drivers licenses, but we do not see any improvements.

Has anyone driven on Paden Fork or Paden City Hill lately? A few years ago they paved part of Paden Fork and stopped. They never finished it. Paden Fork Road and Hill is an embarrassment. Here a while back, I watched Paden City Hill being blacktopped. The state road truck came up the hill dropping the black top, and a small roller was trying to smooth it out. Drive on it, and tell me it is smooth. Our tax dollars in Wetzel County are not being spent wisely.

Years ago, the ditch on Paden City Hill was raised up almost level with the road. I talked to the district manager back then, from the state road. He told me that when the ditch was done, the road was supposed to be blacktopped and raised. It never was, and that was years ago. That is why the road is in the shape it is now. This is also a bus route for your kids.

The election is over. The politicians tell you what they want to hear until they get elected, and then they forget everything except for themselves.

Contact your politicians, and remind them that they work for the taxpayers, and we need something done.

Thank You & God Bless,

Thomas E. Trader, Sr.

Citizen of Wetzel County and Taxpayer