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By Staff | Nov 7, 2018

To The Editor,

When I was growing up in Paden City during the fifties and sixties it was a different time, a time with considerably less drama. We were more content than current day youngsters. It was the way we were brought up. Three things were always instilled in us and served to keep us happy through it all.

1. Appreciate what you have; there are always those that are less fortunate.

2. Accept what you cannot change, living without resentment of the things beyond your control.

3. Respect your elders, that’s anyone in charge of your welfare and safety. Your Father and Mother, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, older siblings, (big brother or sister),or those who took care of you or were raising you to adulthood.

I’d also like to add advice that my grandfather often gave my brothers and sisters and myself: Live everyday with hope of a better life for all.

He often said, “To make everyday count, do something nice for someone else – cheer someone up who is sad or grieving, do a good deed without expecting anything in return, give somebody a gift without need for a holiday, season or reason. It may add another day to there life as well as your own.”

In this modern day now it is sometimes easy to forget to appreciate our many reasons to be thankful. Take someone to dinner, bake them something you know they like, spend a day helping them, run errands for them, give them a call on the telephone and ask how they are doing – it shows you care.

Never forget our Veterans, Let hem know your thankful for their service, not just on Veterans Day, but everyday.The rewards will be many, I’m sure.

Bob Leasure