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From Judy Dawson

By Staff | Jun 20, 2018

To The Editor,

The week of 6-6-18, an article was printed in this issue by one of your writers talking down about the Tyler County Department of Highways. My husband is an 23-year empoyee of Tyler County DOH and we are very “OFFENDED” by Betty Ruth Rush’s belittling of the Tyler County DOH.

These men and women work hard in the extreme elements from heat to cold, 10 to 12 hour days due to slips and storms, not getting time with their families.

So if Betty Rush Rush can’t write about stuff pertaining to her section of the paper, we ask that she no longer be allowed to write for the paper.

All of the decisions made as to what will be worked on comes from Moundsville or Charleston, so if she feels she needs to copmlain, she needs to contact Moundsville or Charleston. Also, if she if she not happy with her road, she needs to move. As taxpayers and residents of Tyler County, we are very offended by this article. And if need be, we will take further action. We are asking for an apology from her for these men and women of Tyler county DOH.

Judy Dawson

wife of a Tyler County

DOH employee