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From Stephen Archie Kimball

By Staff | Feb 28, 2018

To The Editor,

I was thinking, and if I ever win millions or billions, I think I would open up a rehab center in each of the area counties – Tyler, Pleasants, and Wetzel – only for the residents of each county, as an alternative to jail.

I really think it would work, because it seems like one of 10 people who do make it, five in 10 of those people don’t have anyone to hang out with, but the same people as before. If the people in each county get caught with any addiction, they would have to stay for a certain amount of time at the rehab facility, with their peers – having fun, playing ball, or whatever, until they get completely sober.

There are actually things to do here, if you go outside of the room you have been hiding in for months.

We all know jails fail and suck our state’s money dry with over population.

I know our community would stand together on this. Tyler County needs saving. Why not have everyone actually changing it together as a team, for the next generation.

Something needs to change. I would like to be the person that brings people together to make that change.


Stephen Archie Kimball

Alma, W.Va.