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From Ralph and Sophia Judge

By Staff | Sep 20, 2017

To the Editor,

I am writing concerning Buck Run Road and Oil Ridge Road into Paden City. At this time Large Rover Pipeline Dump Trucks and larger are travelling our road.

It is unsafe in many places to meet them due to overgrown weeds along the roadside. i met one the other day and literally had to pray I was staying on the road as I backed up into the weeds

so he could pull forward enough to pass him. Our road is very narrow in spots and the weeds are forming a tunnel for us to drive through. The visibility in spots is terrible. This is a condition

just asking for an accident. Would you please consider doing an article or putting this in the letters to the editor. We need some action from the DOH. They are asking us to vote on a new bond issue

next month for new roads. They seem to have money for new dump trucks and pick-ups to ride in but can not do simple maintenance. Why should we pass the levy.

Thank you

Ralph and Sophia Judge