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Word of Thanks

By Staff | Apr 6, 2016

We voters are quick to criticize our political leaders when they fail to live up to their promises. We also should be as quick to praise when they use the power of their office to create positive change. Human nature being what it is, that usually doesn’t happen. I hope today’s letter will reverse that trend a bit.

I would like to publicly thank West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, whose attention and quick action resulted in something I thought was impossible just a few months ago – increased internet speed in Friendly.

My job duties include work that requires access to rock-solid live internet streams and, to my dismay, Frontier Communication’s outdated equipment near the Friendly Community Center couldn’t produce enough speed during the afternoon and evening hours. Thus, I lost potential income. I contacted Frontier countless times to broker a solution but I kept running into brick walls.

I was advised to contact the Public Service Commission, who recommended I write letters to the FCC and to Attorney General Morrisey.

By the time the FCC responded to my certified letter, AG Morrisey had already acted. I don’t know what Mr. Morrisey told Frontier but within days my situation with Frontier was being rectified. Last Wednesday, I received not one, but two phone calls from Frontier announcing their engineers reconfigured our area’s data network so that the previous “choke point” that limited our speeds to 0.5 to 2.0 MBPS had been eliminated. We now are receiving speeds much closer to the 7 MBPS maximum for which I have been paying. Better yet, plans are in place to install a “new generation” box by July. I’m told this box will deliver speeds of at least 12 MBPS and, if one chooses a more expensive plan, will exceed 25 MBPS.

It isn’t often that a politician acts on a small-town constituent’s request so quickly and even rarer still when results happen swiftly. Thank you AG Morrisey and thank you Brooke Fletcher, his consumer representative and compliance specialist in Middlebourne, for your help. Hopefully your peers will learn from your example.

Lee Groves, Friendly