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Voice of the People

By Staff | Feb 3, 2016

On Tuesday evening (Jan. 26), my husband and I picked up a small kitten on Rt. 18 that we thought was hit by a car. As it turned out, as verified by the veterinarian, the kitten had eaten rat poison. Despite our efforts, the little one died the next day. The trap that was set was of poor design and could allow a paw from a small cat or dog to reach into the opening. Like antifreeze, rat poison is appealing as a tasty treat for a hungry animal. I do believe setting this trap was unintentional; not meant to harm this kitten or a cat. There is a far safer baited trap for rats that is sold at Tractor Supply at a very reasonable price. It is a rat station whereby the bait is kept away from children and non-targeted animals. So please, be a responsible business or home owner and use a safe baiting station for rats. Please no unnecessary deaths to innocent animals or children.

Chris Hoke

of Middlebourne