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From Thomas E. Menighan

By Staff | Jan 20, 2016

Thanks so much for your article in the December 30 TSN about Jim Phillips! From the very start when he came to Sistersville from St. Mary’s, he began making a difference in people’s lives including mine. This letter is a thanks and a “tip ‘o the hat” to Jim.

Shortly after converting MacGregor’s Pharmacy to Phillips in 1964, Jim was in the First Tyler Bank talking with my father, who shared that I was interested in pharmacy. Immediately, Jim said “Send him up. I’ll find something for him to do.” And thanks to Jim and a decade of mentorship (and employment), I finished pharmacy school. He taught me so much about caring, and about attention to detail.

I was blessed to be part of his early team and proud to call him a friend.

Sistersville is blessed to have enjoyed Jim’s patient care these many years!

As an aside, in the TSN story, a reference is made to a clock face that was “mounted on a wall outside the Wells Inn decades ago.” That beautiful stained glass clock face is actually one of four of the faces on the old town clock on the First Tyler Bank and Trust Company, now Wesbanco.

The clock was replaced with a digital clock when the bank could no longer get the old clock repaired. In my travels, I’ve seen the same clock, by OB McClintock, in numerous other towns around the country.

Jim has been a proud custodian of that treasure, equipped with Westminster chimes that counted the quarter hours for everyone in earshot.

Jim, you’ve written many chapters in your amazing life’s book. I can’t wait to read the next chapter. Thanks, old friend!


Thomas E. Menighan, PharmD, MBA, ScD (Hon.), FAPhA

Executive Vice President & CEO