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From Rich Erlewine

By Staff | Oct 28, 2015

To The Editor,

It’s time for change! The clocks and the coach! Has the state of West Virginia had enough of Dana Holgerson? The illustrious offensive guru was hired as a head coach “in waiting” and still has the state of West Virginia “in waiting.” The play calling in the last two games has been ridiculous. He throws long on short yardage and throws short on long yardage.

West Virginia led the nation in 2014 in field goal attempts. Doesn’t sound like an offensive genius to me. His first three years he blamed previous recruiting and has probably led the nation in excuses since coming to West Virginia. Oliver Luck didn’t do West Virginia fans any favors by bringing in Holgerson, and it’s time for a change. Plain and simple, he’s not getting the job done.

He can’t even wear school colors.

They’re probably not available, but as a Mountaineer fan, I would like to see Rich Rodriguez and Jeff Casteel back in Morgantown in 2016.

Go Mountaineers!

Rich Erlewine

Proctor, W.Va.