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From James Crumrine

By Staff | Oct 21, 2015

Dear Editor,

Well, well, well another year of alumni history has yet come and gone one more time. Enjoying my 40th Class Reunion it came to my realization that our school building has been preserved by the hard work of the Tyler County Historical society for all of us to come back to.

On a sad note our county rival, Sistersville High School, has not been so fortunate, leaving their Alumni no hallowed halls top stroll down memory lane. My point is that the Tyler County Museum is for all Tyler Countians and volunteers to work and or financially support.

So please, please remember our Alma Mater which houses our Tyler County History and Heritage. Please remember all the time, effort, work, that has gone into preserving the history of all Tyler Countians.

So in remembering our fun times, do not forget that the Tyler County Museum can use your time or money.

Class of ’75

James Crumrine