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From Sophia Judge

By Staff | Aug 19, 2015

Letter to the Editor:

I am writing this letter out of frustration with our road conditions. I live on Buck Run Road. Late last fall they came and paved 2 miles of our road. During the winter the new road developed a slip in an old spot that was never fixed properly and then feet of new black top was added to level it out. Early this spring the State Road Dept. came and installed signs telling of the new one lane condition, also signs of road work ahead. At this present time no work at all except for caution barrels has been performed. The weeds are now taller than an SUV on both sides of the road and they are encroaching several inches into the road way. Many times when 2 cars meet the weeds are hitting the sides of the vehicle. This is also a visibility problem. Where is the state road? Certainly not doing upkeep on our counties roadways. We have also reported that a culvert was rotting right by our home. They have taken pictures, measured several times. The solution this last week was to come and dump some grated up blacktop into the hole. When the rains come again this will undoubtedly wash out into the creek. I am sure we are not the only road in the County in this condition but it is so very sad the money wasted on these things with no real solution. Very soon the Rover pipeline and also a water line will be installed and those huge trucks will be using this road along with the residents and school buses. We need some action on this matter.

Sophia Judge