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From Diane Strippel

By Staff | Apr 8, 2015

To the Editor:

Around this time of year,there are often movies depicting the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus shown, including the scene of the Slaughter of the Innocents. A horrific scene to be sure: King Herod has his soldiers kill all the male babies under the age of two thinking he will destroy the “King” he fears.

And yet, this scene in real life today is happening an average of 3,300 times a day in this country! Oh, there are differences. The babies being slaughtered are younger and smaller and both girls and boys are being killed. The killing now is done behind closed doors in abortion clinics. The mothers still cry, but have been convinced that this is the ” right” thing to do. The governing body of that time ordered that slaughter done; today our governing body condones it and even expects you and I to often pay the destroyers for the killing.

Evil is still evil! Don’t be lulled into the politically correct mindset that the slaughter is just a choice!

The 40 Days for Life prayer vigils have just ended until next fall-at least 402 babies were saved from slaughter because women saw people praying for them. Keep praying and get informed and involved.


Diane Strippel, New Martinsville

Wetzel Tyler Counties Right to Life