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From Thomas E.Trader Sr.

By Staff | Mar 4, 2015

Letter to the Editor,

I am writing this letter concerning Route 2 in Wetzel County. Our state should be ashamed of how they take care of our Route 2. The road between Proctor and New Martinsville is in very bad shape, the way it was patched here and there.

Then Route 2 between New Martinsville, all the way to Paden City. It seems that Wetzel County is the last to get any roads fixed in the correct way than anyone around us.

Maybe they should forget building four lanes and black top the roads that really need it. They milled and patched Route 180. Did a good job. Then black-topped all of it. They milled and patched Route 2 coming into Paden City and it was more rough after they got done with it than before they tried to fix it. Now what they fixed is almost gone. It is so bad now that people to try to drive in the middle of the road, so they don’t bust a tire, rim, or strut. They cannot blame it on the weather, because the patchwork was coming out before it started freezing.

Everyone needs to contact the Moundsville Department of Highways and express their opinions. I know in the newspaper the other day, it said that West Virginia is low on money for the state roads. We need Route 2 black-topped in Wetzel County and done so it will last longer than it has for awhile. Our politicians in Charleston need to come up here and drive our roads to see what we drive on everyday.

God Bless,

Thomas E. Trader Sr.

Paden City