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From Audist Pancake

By Staff | Jan 14, 2015

The motto of Sistersville Parks and Recreation, which was newly formed in 2013, is “We Believe in Our Community”. That belief has been confirmed by a community that has proven its belief in the goodness of others. This area has shown its merit at large by supporting and contributing to our endeavors on multiple occasions.

While we cannot fit each person who has helped us into a letter to the editor, we will try our best and consider our inability to name each person individually as a blessing. There are too many great people to count, and we consider even your words of encouragement as a generous donation. If for some reason your name is left out, your impact has been appreciated, and your help has been a part of a historical turnaround for this town and the surrounding area.

Thanks are therefore due (in no particular order) to: The staff of Tyler Star News; the staff of the Innformer; the Sistersville Planning Commission; Greg Goodfellow and 91.5 Knights Radio; Lite Rock 93R; WETZ; the Momentive Corporation; The Fort Pizza and Restaurant; Kool-Aid’s Family Pizza; Black Diamond Wrestling; Sistersville Public Library; Sistersville Lions Club, Friendly Lions Club, Linda Henriksen and the Olive Branch staff; Elks Lodge #333; Dairy Queen; The Wells Inn; Cricket Web Services (Michael Scharf); Outlaw Train and members; Spence and Teni; Steve Winters and family; Jim McCoy and family; Susan Boyles; former lifeguards Melissa, Martie, and Brett (Wickham); Camille Mace and family; Kevin Wagner and family; Linda Leasure of State Farm; Marble King; Paden City Mayor John Hopkins; First Baptist of Sistersville; King’s Corner/King’s Blings; Bell Chevrolet; Carolyn Sterns; Wable Ford; Sistersville IGA; Phillips Pharmacy; Union Bank; Barb and Greg Gage; Dan and Linda Marrin; Sistersville Junior; Sistersville City employees; the Sistersville Police Department; Members of Sistersville City council (past and present); City Commissioner Daniel Grimes, City Recorder Kari Huffman; City Water Clerk Janice Albright; Jane Knight; Mayor Ann Doig; Mayor Bill Rice; and our employees and volunteers who gave much of their time to make this year so fantastic.

On behalf of Sistersville Parks and Recreation, I would like to say once more, Thank you! We look forward to what 2015 brings!


Audist Pancake

Parks and Recreation Chair