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From Dave and Beth Beveridge

By Staff | Dec 31, 2014

We are landowners being targeted by the Rover Pipeline LLC to have their 36″ pipeline through our land. Like most landowners, we believe we were treated shabbily by the process with lack of meaningful communications and information, and being overpowered by their threats to use “eminent domain” to take our land if we don’t agree. Now we received a ridiculously low insulting offer for the pipeline easement, and regardless of what they publicly said, lopsided future rights for Rover Pipeline LLC., extremely onerous restrictions on our future use of the land, and destroying 150 foot width through our land.

Reviewing their insulting offer, it is obvious why they withheld information until the public FERC meetings ended. We believe that Rover Pipeline LLC did not want landowners to react against them at FERC meetings if landowners knew just how bad they would be treated.

Having gotten no satisfaction from ROVER PIPELINE LLC, we believe other landowners will be treated in just as horrific a manner. We propose that LANDOWNERS UNITE. We are volunteering to conduct the first organizational meeting of Landowners affected by the Rover Pipeline LLC project.

At our own expense we reserved the log cabin building at the Tyler County fairgrounds for an organizational meeting on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 7 p.m.. Whether you agree with the project or not, it is your benefit to be treated fairly. If you did not yet receive an offer from Rover Pipeline LLC, we plan to share the terms, conditions, and prices that we were presented, and our objections and arguments for you to use in your negotiations. Come join us. Let us all help each other. Our joint voices may increase our power dealing with Rover Pipeline LLC, and overcome their divide and conquer approach. The log cabin is a central location for Doddridge, Tyler and Wetzel County landowners.

Attorneys interested in representing landowners are welcome to attend (but only if you do not and will not represent Rover Pipeline LLC). Employees or representatives in any manner of Rover Pipeline LLC or its contractors or agents are NOT invited to this organizational meeting, although we may be interested in your presence at later dates. At least one reporter already agreed to be in attendance. All reporters are welcome.

Dave and Beth Beveridge

Doddridge County