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From David K. Cutright

By Staff | Nov 26, 2014

To the Editor:

I am writing to correct some misinformation published in an article in the Nov. 19 edition of the Tyler Star news “Statoil hosts town meeting in Tyler County”. In the article Deena Glover, Assistant Chief of Operations of Middlebourne EMS, is quoted as stating that there is only “one emergency ambulance service in this county right now.” Mrs. Glover was referring to Tyler County. I am assuming she was referring to Middlebourne EMS as the “only” emergency ambulance service in the county.

I take strong issue with this statement as Sistersville General Hospital Ambulance Service provides 911 emergency ambulance services to the western third of Tyler County. Additionally, Sistersville General Hospital Ambulance Service is the only service in Tyler County with a paid full-time advanced life support staff. We staff our ambulances with at least one (and many times two) Paramedics 24 hours a day. Our staff is highly trained and all Paramedics are trained beyond the level required by the State of West Virginia for emergency ambulance services.

Mrs. Glover also neglected to mention Alma EMS that covers the eastern portion of Tyler County. Alma EMS is a volunteer service with staffing issues similar to those of Middlebourne EMS that Mrs. Glover alluded to, but they remain a licensed EMS service providing service to the residents of Tyler County.

While every EMS agency in West Virginia paid or volunteer faces staffing issues, it is irresponsible to put forth misinformation to the public.

I hope this short letter will serve to better inform Tyler County officials and residents on the actual facts regarding emergency ambulance services in Tyler County. Sistersville General Hospital and Sistersville General Hospital Ambulance Service welcome any opportunity we may be presented to work with other agencies to better serve the citizens of Tyler County.

We strongly encourage cooperation in these matters and believe accurate information is a key to this process.


David K. Cutright, manager

Sistersville General Hospital Ambulance Service