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From Phil Hudok

By Staff | Oct 1, 2014

To the Editor:

The Oct. 7 U.S. Senate Candidates Debate will be exclusively open to the democrat and republican candidates. The three third party candidates, referred to as “second tier” by the debate moderator, Hoppy Kercheval, are excluded. The 9,000+ folks that signed my ballot access petition have been told that my views and ideas don’t meet their “standards” as was communicated to me by the Executive Director of the Press Association Don Smith.

Evidently, representation in our democratic elections takes a back seat to standings in a poll. Who do the three news media organizers (West Virginia Press Association, West Virginia Public Broadcasting, and West Virginia MetroNews Radio Network) point to when confronted with this travesty against the public’s right to know? It is the AARP and their five percent cutoff policy. Will it be the American Heart Association next year and a four percent cutoff?

On Aug. 15, Hoppy Kercheval, and Wheeling talk show host, Howard Monroe, conspired and formulated the current debate plan live and on air on Hoppy’s TalkLine radio program: downloads.hudok.com/hoppy_08_15_14.mp3

Obviously, third party candidates don’t qualify for “front seats on the bus” according to the AARP West Virginia, West Virginia Public Broadcasting, West Virginia MetroNews Radio Network, and the West Virginia Press Association. Will the day ever come when other than a select few have a chance of being elected? I’m not throwing in the towel. I admit, I have a big head (Mr. Obama Head) and don’t mince words. I will continue to expose our current plight and offer my ideas.

With no apologies,

Phil Hudok

U.S. Senate Candidate

Constitution Party of West Virginia Chairman

Huttonsville, W.Va.