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From Joseph Morris

By Staff | Oct 1, 2014


What’s the deal with the fake debate being held on Oct. 7 for U.S. Senate candidates? I heard on Hoppy Kercheval’s Aug. 15 Talkline radio show where he interviewed Natalie Tennant and she said “it’s fine with me” to have all of the candidates included. Shelly Moore Capito is on record of saying the same thing. This was six minutes after his interview with Howard Monroe where the two planned the fake debate. Libertarian John Buckley, Mountain Party candidate Bob Henry Baber, and Phil Hudok of the Constitution Party are also running and Kercheval and Monroe wanted them to “opt out” in exchange for a bribe of a free lunch. It’s all archived online at the 40-minute mark at wvmetronews.com/shows/talkline/

If all of the candidates want all of their opponents to participate, why are talk show hosts and the AARP colluding to exclude them? We The People want more choices for public officials. Let’s have a real debate and have all five U.S. Senate candidates in it!

Joseph Morris

New Martinsville