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From Thomas H. Gray

By Staff | Aug 6, 2014

To the Editor:

I would like to shine the spotlight on two of our great city employees. These men actually perform magic in the dark hours of the night. While all the citizens of Sistersville are tucked nicely in their beds, getting good rest, this is when they perform their magic.

The so-called magic is the waste, “disposal,” the things that were overtaking our homes. From a scrap piece of wood to an empty soup can. These things create a mound at the corner of our curbs. You may say, “What’s the magic in that?” Well, when you rise from your bed to start a new day, the “mound of mess” is gone!

Thank you Rick Ebert and Bob Neff for your long hours and hard work! “Sistersville’s employees of the month”! I would like to add they do many other tasks for our city. Sistersville-a Mayberry setting with such blessings!

Thomas H. Gray