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From Martin Parrish

By Staff | Aug 6, 2014

Dear Editor,

Another season of fall sports is quickly approaching, and school will soon be starting. Two-a-day practices for football, band camp, volleyball, golf, and cross country. Knowing this, it is sad not to see the bleachers fuller than what have been in the past, and crowd spirit greater than what is has been. Sure, the number of wins have not been as many, but these are our students representing our country. I can remember my freshman year we went 2-8, but the crowds and spirit was there as much as my senior year when we went 9-1 and barely missed the four-team W.V. State Football Playoffs.

Those players on the football field, volleyball court, cross country course, or in the marching band all need our county’s support. For some of them, this may be the only thing they get to do in school, and may be the only chance that you can make a difference in their life. I guess you can say that they’ll never know if I am there or not, so what makes the difference? I was one of those not so good in sports, but I still went out for sports, and it does make a difference. So come out and support your schools’ sports and band this school year. When the crowds and the spirit show up, the wins will come.

Martin Parrish


TCHS Class of 1977