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From Thomas H. Gray

By Staff | Jun 25, 2014


What do you see when you look around Sistersville?

Here is what I se, A very blessed community! The reason we are blessed is because of our city employees.

These men go the extra mile to keep our town running, and to keep the residents comfortable.

They are repairing broken water lines in the early morning hours, they are patching our ancient streets, and the list of the many duties they do goes on and on.

To top off all they do, they work together as a team to keep the town going, and they do it with a positive attitude. When I stop to say “hello” or “how’s the project coming along,” they always smile and are very professional. This is something that we need to highlight!

These men need a high five, handshake, a thumbs up or best of all, a simple, “thank you”! I would like to recognize our winning team, “our city employees” for all they do for us.

Since we don’t have employee of the month, in my book, they all deserve employee of the month, and it’s been long over due! We’ve seen before the city officials pictures in the paper and on signs around town, well it’s time to shine the light on the workers behind the curtain who keep the wheels running!

Here’s hats off to you fellows for a job well done! Thank you: Russell Weekley, Bill Shreve, Roger Hartline, Rodney Moore, Paul Southerly, Adam Dennis, Mike Coon and Sam Warner.

It’s nice to know that someone is taking care of the community we live in, a place we call home.

Thank you.

Thomas H. Gray