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From Joseph Thistle Laing

By Staff | May 21, 2014

Dear Editor,

Your recent announcement concerning a plan by the city to renovate the Oakwood Cemetery at long last was very welcome. As a member of the Thistle and Graham families with many close relatives buried there, I have been sadly aware of the deplorable condition into which the site has fallen over the years.

I wonder how many townspeople remember how lovely it looked when it was well maintained, and how, many years ago, the late Norris (Bud) Henderson of Sistersville freely gave of his personal time and effort to become, in effect, its hands-on caretaker. Such personal devotion would be hard to match today.

I applaud the city for moving forward on this, and I will look forward to hearing the city’s plans for management and fund raising to support the effort.


Joseph Thistle Laing

Arnold, Md.