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From Tyler County Education Association

By Staff | Apr 23, 2014

To the Editor:

The Tyler County Education Association (TCEA) is pleased to announce its support of Jimmy Wyatt and Scott Strode in the upcoming election for Tyler County Board of Education.

Jimmy Wyatt had a long career of service to Tyler County Schools as an employee and he has current experience as a member of the Board of Education. Jimmy has extensive knowledge of both county and state education policies. TCEA feels his understanding of the constantly changing climate of education is an asset to Tyler County Schools.

Scott Strode is in the unique position of viewing our education system from the prospective of a former student and a current parent and the spouse of an employee. He is active in community and school events. His objective is to maintain the standard of excellence found in Tyler County Schools and to enhance our current curriculum.

Electing candidates who are qualified to meet the needs of the students of Tyler County is of upmost importance in this election. Mr. Wyatt and Mr. Strode exhibit unique viewpoints and knowledge of the policies and laws under which county school systems and BOEs are required to function. Please support these candidates on Election Day.

Tyler County Education Association

Submitted by Linda Liebold