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From Dave Flinn

By Staff | Apr 23, 2014

To the Editor:

To the citizens of Tyler County concerning the upcoming election for member of the Tyler County Board of Education and in particular Mrs. Bonnie Henthorn.

I am a friend of Bonnie and have worked with her and I know her to be intelligent, thoughtful, fair, and caring. She is the mother of two Tyler County school children and is very involved and passionate about their education, as I believe she will be about all Tyler County school children. Bonnie is knowledgeable and well versed in the federal and state policies and requirements of education and will always strive to make the right choice when it comes to providing an efficient and thorough education for Tyler County children. Her first consideration will always be what is best for the students in all decisions regarding education. She will be a great advocate for student and parental rights in education and will apply the same responsible and caring attitude for other’s children as she does her own.

Bonnie will be a committed and tireless worker for providing an excellent education for the children in Tyler County. She will make an outstanding and excellent addition to the Tyler Board of Education. Her dedication to children’s education is unequaled. As parents of Tyler children you will find Bonnie easy to talk to and always ready and available to listen to the concerns of the students and parents of the Tyler County school system. She will pursue her duties and responsibilities to the community as a school administrator in a tireless and responsible way.

Please consider voting for Bonnie Henthorn for the Tyler County Board of Education, it will be a vote for the support of students, parents, the school system, and education. Her honesty, forthrightness, and compassion will be a welcome addition to the County Board.

Dave Flinn