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From Fred Dailey

By Staff | Apr 16, 2014

I would like to personally endorse Bonnie Henthorn whom is running for a Board of Education seat in Tyler County. I worked in Tyler County for over 25 years and am privileged to know many of the good citizens of the county. I got to clearly understand how important the education of their children is to them and their strong faith and belief in the basic tenets of America.

We West Virginians are very concerned over the loss of our freedom and liberty, and the overreach of Federal and State government in the decisions that are the rights of parents on their children’s education. Working with Mrs. Henthorn on education issues I have found her to have exceptional knowledge on the education system of Tyler County and the State. She has two young children in the Tyler County school system and has a passion to see that all children get the best education using the highest standards and curriculum. She supports an approach that uses common sense that optimizes the learning of each child.

I am sure when elected Bonnie will work hard with parents to ensure that their children’s education will be implemented in accordance to their desires not those from outside the county or state. This is the way our education system was set up by our founders and constitution. That is why we elect county board members so local control of our children’s education is maintained.

Fred Dailey

Saint Marys