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From Denver McMullen

By Staff | Mar 5, 2014

To the Editor:


Rush Limbaugh on occasion tells his audience not to panic when bad news for conservatism is being trumpeted by the Left for the expressed purpose of discouraging them! He then states that he will tell them when to panic! That’s good for a laugh in semi-normal times, but now I’m not laughing and no one in their right mind should be either! How can any American citizen (except the hard left) not know that what our founders warned us about is coming to pass at a breath taking pace! Simply put, we are allowing our precious freedom to be stripped from us on a daily basis! Not by some foreign power, but by our own people and counted among those people in many cases are our own family members!

Many who read this have kin folk serving in state and national office and are the ones who propose and vote in this odious legislation that is snatching our freedom. These folks also are quick to advance the Obama agenda. Not all are guilty of this, but remember that no Republican voted for Obama care. That is a plus for them, but they are as guilty as the Democrats on other matters, In short, they have no guts and have allowed Obama to do as he pleases! The Democrats will not break ranks and have toed the party line to the detriment of our nation! This ignorant and sheep-like mentality has struck a mortal blow to our freedom. The passage of HB4490, a bill proposed by the Democrats and voted into law by the Democrats in Charleston this week, is an example of the mentality mentioned above! Surely those who voted for this bill know that in time what they voted in will affect them and their relatives also. Maybe they are above the law, if so then its time to panic!!

Denver McMullen