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From Denver McMullen

By Staff | Feb 26, 2014

To the Editor:

Accountability Act?

I am puzzled, (slightly) by the Democrat sponsored House Bill 4490, known as the Attorney General ethics and accountability act, submitted by Isaac Sponagule from the 55th district. Under the one party rule that the Democrats have enjoyed for lo these many years, this law would have been a great hindrance to them and the good old boy cronyism system they have enjoyed for so long.

Now that a Republican, (and an honest one) is our Attorney General and is trying to bring honesty and fairness to our State Government, the Democrats are trying to stifle his efforts to attack waste and fraud by the introduction of HB 4490. The prospect of their ox being gored must have been the reason for introducing this bill that limits the effectiveness of the Attorney General’s office. If we had an operative two-party system in our state, this alone would be a deterrent to corruption in our system. HB 4490 is an end run by the majority party to maintain the status quo! At this crucial time in our history when the current administration in D.C. is shredding our Constitution and usurping our freedoms on a daily basis, it behooves our state leaders to do all in their power to protect our precious and hard-won rights. We are in a fight to the finish, either we remain free or we become slaves to a totalitarian system! Many could see the possibility of this happening prior to the 2008 election simply by examining the history of the two main candidates. we can only hope that partisan politics will be put aside and HB 4490 will be defeated, thereby allowing our attorney general, Patrick Morrisey, and his office to protect our rights and liberties from the ongoing assault from the hard left. The danger to our freedom has never been greater! Should we lose the battle, know that in a totalitarian state all rights are lost! No more good old boy politics!

Denver McMullen