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From Donna Edgell

By Staff | Dec 31, 2013

To the Editor:

There was an article written in the Tyler Star News back in July about the erosion of my bank being only six feet from the foundation of my home in Paden City. I want to thank each and everyone for your concern and advice that was given to me through this very stressful time. I have had family, friends, and unknown people ask me if I have gotten my property fixed yet and if I received any help from the city or government. By accident I found out the city owned 40 feet of the street down to the culvert, they used a grant for $1,000 to fix their property. I had to pay $6,880 for the damage done to my private property.

Thanks to J and T Paving and Excavating, Inc. my ravine is now fixed. When we applied for the permits that we needed from U S Army Corps Of Engineers and Division Of Natural Resources Land Of Streams, the government offices were shut down. I was told we would have to wait. I did not accept that. The next day I made seven phone calls, given one name and number after the other before I got through to the offices that could help me get these permits. The gentlemen I spoke with were very helpful. They asked me to send them e-mails and pictures. Before noon the next day I had the permits and papers I needed from them. I got the city permit I needed. With so much rain, this was a hold up, The last of November Terry, Jack, and men started the work; six days later they were finished. They stacked and lined my bank with gabian baskets and large stone inside.

I am so pleased with the work this company did for me. Terry needed more dirt to fill in behind the baskets, because of my yard being so uneven from the bank slipping away. I told him to take the dirt from my yard. We have some filling in to do in the spring so I can plant grass, I like the way he landscaped it.

Thank you J and T Paving and Excavating Inc. from New Martinsville for the wonderful job and for being such honest people in our community. I would highly recommend this company, they are great guys.

Donna Edgell

Paden City