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From Martin Parrish

By Staff | Nov 27, 2013

Dear Editor,

I have been working with the Silver Knights Band for the past seven years. I have come to realize that a lot of people have been given credit for what they have done for the band. There is one person that hasn’t been given the credit she deserves. I feel it’s time she is recognized.

Her name is Chrissy (Danny Grimm’s mom). Each of the last few football seasons she has taken the time prior to the football games to make sure that all of our band members are fed. She does this in her spare time and out of her own pocket. She has provided pulled pork. spaghetti, pizza as well as other food.

She is a great supporter of the band, not only by the meals she provides but also by going to the games, competitions, and all the other events the band participates in.

My wife and I would to just say thank you Chrissy for all you do for the band.


Martin Parrish