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From Audra McFadden

By Staff | Sep 25, 2013

The True Meaning of a Family: In today’s society family isn’t just blood related or even just relation by marriage. Today there are different kinds of relations that are called family. For example, firemen and police officers. They consider each other family or, as they would say, “brotherhood.” We consider each other as brothers and sisters and we treat each other like this. If something happens we are there for each other and support one another. It doesn’t matter if we are mad at one another. We put all of that aside when something goes wrong. From the time of walking in the department to walking out after every call, everything is done as brothers and sisters.

As example, we just lost a member of our family. His name is Mark Judd Doty, he is lieutenant of the Paden City and Jackson Mill Fire Departments. But he isn’t just a member or even just a lieutenant. He is a brother to every one of us and a brother to every fireman in this country. Mark has taught all over this state, he has even taught in Hawaii. He loved his job and he showed it. His life revolved around his family and fire department.

During this time of loss our department and every department around has come together to show support, to help each other through this time of grief. In the past two days I personally have seen the love and brotherhood of each and every department member in this area. And it has made me realize why this job meant so much to Mark and why he would have done anything in this world for one of his brothers or sisters.

Lieutenant Mark Doty can never be replaced nor will he ever be forgotten. He has made such a huge impact on so many lives. And personally Mark has made a huge impact on my life. Mark has shown me everything I know about the department. And he has now shown me the true meaning of a fire department family, and I thank and love him for that.

Audra McFadden

Paden City