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From Mike Day

By Staff | Apr 24, 2013

My daughter has a Dalmatian dog and three cats. She was wanting another puppy or dog, so my wife decided to look to the Olive Branch to try to adopt one and give it a loving home where it would be very well taken care of and loved. We checked out the website and found one dog in particular that she was interested in. Did you realize that it cost $175 to adopt a dog from there? Yes, you heard me $175!

Now I don’t mind paying for the shots and it being wormed or fixed, but, $175 is a lot just to adopt a dog, I would rather put another 100 or 2 with it and get a registered breed. I know the Olive Branch depends on the community a lot for donations of food and money, but it seems to me that this is highway robbery. I told my wife just to forget the idea of adopting one and look for a registered breed instead, even though this dog we found seems like it would make a wonderful pet. Thank you for your time,

Mike Day